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  1. What the actual fuck. All i can get from this is: "Did you tell your faction they are breaking the chests? In a chat enemies can't read? Obvious kos, cant permit this banmongering, here, get this perma ban for you instead, lol ". Most absurd ban I have ever seen. Come on Scorpia, I know it's kind of far right now to admit an error, but this is too senseless to ignore it. Even in the dumb case it was invalid, banning him for such a weird thing only makes it dumber..
  2. I'm a simple man. I see Selavantor posting, I devouche. Nah, didn't even read the suggestion, gimme a minute
  3. Ah, my comments about this: -Lacking an anvil at Praven's armory. -No commoner staff (at least couldn't find it) in the shop. Sick map tho, greetings.