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  1. very interesting and possibly horrible castle designs
  2. havent played but k
  3. experience
  4. Your in-game name: Arraknia_of_Godwin. Age: I am 17 years old. Are you currently a member of a clan? Yes, I am currently in the House of Godwin. What position are you applying for? I am applying for the position of Ingame Admin. Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why? Been banned once for randoming. That was idk months ago though. Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? I believe I can contribute to the community positively by becoming an Ingame Admin because of my previous experience at EU_Nexus. I reached the rank of VA (Veteran Admin), which is a respected admin position where you deal with both ingame and forum complaints. In my period as an admin, I dealt with hundreds of complaints where I had to frequently use both the logs and my own common sense to pass out judgements to rulebreakers and alike. I know a few languages, including English, German (slightly) and my native language, Norwegian. It is also my aim to help and strenghten the community by assisting players with any qualms they may have and ensuring their stay on Phoneix is a pleasant one. Link to your steam profile: Arraknia.
  5. well okey
  6. I feel that this individual has overgone the level of expectation one would have from an admin application in general. He is well versed within the language of English and seems to have a fluent understanding of grammar. Now, tell me. Have you ever seen anyone online with that quality? I sure haven't. I also feel that he manages to grasp the community by addressing key problems of the server, both ingame and on the forum. You can also tell how experienced he is in Persistent World, based on the fact that he was a member of the ancient tribe of Exodus. In conclusion, he is very capable of receiving a position within the staff team. A substantially enourmous vouch from me. Regards, Captain Arraknia.
  7. real nice, fuck what that guy said earlier about the lighting, give it the velen dark mood
  8. i think it's complicated enough already :-D but thats just me :-D
  9. which server did you admin on?
  10. dont think so - Arraknia
  11. as much as i hate to agree with a knob like the person above me, i do agree
  12. benji you're a top lad, you're really funny in teamspeak sometimes, even tho its mostly your laugh that is funny and you can be a bit of a cunt tbh sometimes but imo you should get a second chance because you know how to admin. like merek and pepsi said i couldnt care less how you act ingame AS LONG as you do your job well when you're required to - like, everyone knows how to be serious (exceptions cobex, plop etc) and can switch between their attitudes. i have several attitudes, i can be trolly but i can also be serious at times like i imagine you can, where i also imagine the exceptions being a few of the more simple people who've replied to this application (looking at whoever said his attitude was too bad). this is probably the longest and most serious post i've ever posted on this forum but i feel like you deserve it because of these cunts thinking you're a simple-minded knob with brain damage who's only capable of being trolly ALL the time. /vouch
  14. hello sir, i would really appreciate it if you added spawns for the outlaw faction - at this point, you seem to spawn randomly across the map. it would also be really nice if you lowered the lockpick price to 500g like in normandy ://////
  15. stark99, why the fuck would you run around with 300k SPEND IT OR SHARE SOME WITH ME