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  1. Just add them... fuck me the mod can't get any worse, something different might help lol stop crying over how OP the health is, I mean the majority of people who play cav on PW are wank anyways and I'm sure these 'organised' clans that populate the server nowadays can adjust their play style, right?
  2. 1- Ok. 2- The castles designs are far from a good idea lol 3- Again, what?
  3. 1- Then update your main post?? 2- Clearly you haven't thought about the map designs though? Change a few things, you need to start again imo. 3- What? TY
  4. The castles look pretty fuckin shit, have you even thought about the design and how they'd work during sieges etc? ALSO - WHAT THE FUCK R THOSE?
  5. WOW i agree with NA Lord ROY LANNISTER!
  6. Really good role player! A fellow brother in arms <3 Would make a fine addition to the admin team! VOUCH
  8. Great looking map! Can't wait to play it!
  9. Drop it? I believe you should be punished! Trying to get a future admin banned. Disgusting really, you know falsely accusing others is the lowest of the low. Should be ashamed of yourself.
  10. HELL YEH! He's got great potential, worth a shot! VOUCH
  11. Hell yeah brother! OFF TOPIC MUCH? @Henricus warning points??? I've known Connor (Plop) for numerous years now, we've been through alot together, we had our lows but we also had many, many highs - He's a loyal, well rounded individual who strives to be the very best he can be, this is what our dying community needs - BIG F A TVOUCH FROM ME BROTHER! Some of those many highs below :) xx
  12. He was toxic in-game aswell lol.. from what I remember he was never out of global spewing shit
  13. Hi Rowan?????
  14. No, the map choices should be made by either the admin team or the WHOLE community, not a few selected individuals who paid lol. IMO, only thing donators should get is a fancy badge on the forum, that's it.. make it like flash/sparkle the more you donate :)