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  1. 1- Ok. 2- The castles designs are far from a good idea lol 3- Again, what?
  2. 1- Then update your main post?? 2- Clearly you haven't thought about the map designs though? Change a few things, you need to start again imo. 3- What? TY
  3. The castles look pretty fuckin shit, have you even thought about the design and how they'd work during sieges etc? ALSO - WHAT THE FUCK R THOSE?
  4. WOW i agree with NA Lord ROY LANNISTER!
  5. Really good role player! A fellow brother in arms <3 Would make a fine addition to the admin team! VOUCH
  7. Great looking map! Can't wait to play it!
  8. Drop it? I believe you should be punished! Trying to get a future admin banned. Disgusting really, you know falsely accusing others is the lowest of the low. Should be ashamed of yourself.
  9. HELL YEH! He's got great potential, worth a shot! VOUCH
  10. Hell yeah brother! OFF TOPIC MUCH? @Henricus warning points??? I've known Connor (Plop) for numerous years now, we've been through alot together, we had our lows but we also had many, many highs - He's a loyal, well rounded individual who strives to be the very best he can be, this is what our dying community needs - BIG F A TVOUCH FROM ME BROTHER! Some of those many highs below :) xx
  11. He was toxic in-game aswell lol.. from what I remember he was never out of global spewing shit
  12. Hi Rowan?????
  13. No, the map choices should be made by either the admin team or the WHOLE community, not a few selected individuals who paid lol. IMO, only thing donators should get is a fancy badge on the forum, that's it.. make it like flash/sparkle the more you donate :)
  14. Ok, Sedarino calm it down! Do vouches even matter anymore or??