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  1. OHHH SHIT AGGHHH! Didn't me and Plop beat you in a 2v2 (felt kinda bad for Josh in that ) ? Along with every duel you had with me I believe I won the majority of them :) hehe big man ONEIL its just a game man
  2. Who'd join YOUR team? I heard from a reliable source that many "good players" dislike you whoopsie
  3. Maxi he 2 strong for us!!! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  4. weren't you quitting? : )
  5. Nice sly advertising there buddy!! eyyy cheekie
  6. When would this ever happen tho?!? Hardly have any proper nice sieges/battles as it is...
  7. Another Clog report which looks pretty valid hm... So much for being a "responsible player".
  8. I would've thought as an ex VA like yourself you would know how serious a rule break is? You've played PW for quite sometime now so nothing stopped you from going on the forums/reporting it to an Admin instead of clogging and breaking a rule yourself, seems like a rather silly thought process to me. What account isn't linked exactly? Do you mean GUID or forum account?
  9. Tbh more evidence is needed before banning Mokka over this and that goes to anyone who's suspected of autoblock, but tbf it aint really hard to block Harry lol there's like 0 lag on the server aswell so its going to be a doddle with a guy who plays PW/M&B quite abit to block a few basic attacks Hmmm I see Gibby I see...
  10. @Gibby Jr What about this hmmm? LEON playing dirty?
  11. Big VOUCH for a big MAN
  12. Plop pro wtf? But seeing how we're on the topic of autoblock and all that, MR LEON comes to mind from the STARK faction.. now he's a slimy fuk alright. There's videos out there (that "pro" players said its dodgy/looks like auto) why ain't he getting pulled up for using it?
  13. hahahahahaha vouch
  14. lol