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  1. As we stated several times in the original complaint, the Templars that died attacked us when Jake first randomed their archer. Unfortunatly they were too shit in melee to land a hit, but Subutai admitted to them fighting back in the original complaint. Im not sure if the logs show Diddi drawing a weapon or not, but are we supposed to take a hit in the future just because some salty cunt claims they didnt attack afterwards? Otherwise I found messaging admins to be pretty useless in the past, which is why I have resorted to either unban appeals or admin complaints.
  2. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: doesnt matter The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: Forum staff Techno The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): see complaint What you claim the admin has done: Demanded an insane amount of money to be refunded, banned Tippso without any wrongdoing The full story: Complaint can be found here: Short version: Bunch of Templars went mining gold, Jake, Tippso and and me trained outlaw, went for the island. Upon seeing us the templars abandoned their horsecart full of precious ore and tried to leave on their boat. While Jake and Tippso jump on their boat in order to halt them, I check the contencts of the horsecarts. A templar shoots the cart horse, Jake, who believes that the Templar is shooting at me (right next to said horse) then attacks the Templar, the rest of them starts attacking the both of them. Once the fighting subsides, every Templar exept some serf and Subutai are dead. Two handcarts with silver remain on the boat, one of them attached to the serf, who then decides to suicide himself into the ocean instead of following demands. Subutai argues a bit and denies getting refunded, then gets killed due to not following demands. Fast forward, complaint on Tippso and Jake. The templars want a refund for all the silver and a huge amount of additional shekels for the medium gear they lost. The admins in question decide a refund of 300k would be reasonable, Jake denies it, both Jake and Tippso get banned for 3 days. Several problems with this: 1) Tippso never randomed anyone, yet he is banned for 3 days. 2) Jake is banned for 3 days for a double RDM, even tho he only randomed one person (Jake attacking Panda, mistakenly believing that he shot at me) 3) While Subutai lied several times (about having a video of the incident, about the amount of silver they lost after the incident, about someone riding the horse that was shot, about us killing some "innocent" guy who happened to shoot at us) which can all be proven by the logs, Techno and possibly the HAs believed him at face value and priced the refund accordingly (for already smithed bars of silver) 4) The Templars never lost any silver due to randoming, as they abandoned their horsecart and both handcarts were still in their possession once the fighting stopped, as had been explained several times during the complaint. Again, Techno and possible the HAs ignored that and priced the refund as if the silver was lost due to RDM. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Logs
  3. Adding to the above: I just went through every complaint against me that I can still see from the past year, from what I can tell I got banned 3 times since February 2017, 2 of those bans issued by you, both of them later invalidated and removed from my history, current ban not counted. I guess it would save both of us a lot of time and arguing if you would refrain from dealing with complaints against me in the future.
  4. So punching someone 7 times when I thought I had a killreason because he has been constantly toxic is now „blatant RDM“ worth a 2 day ban even tho 1) I offered a refund 2) I didnt even kill him 3) he didnt lose anything all while every single RDM in the recently solved conplaints are either one day bans, forced refunds or even just warnings when the perpetrator had a clean ban history? Punching someone 7 times is somehow worse than randomly couching 2 people or killing someone and never giving any explanation? Not only that, you also went theough the entire logs of my weekend to find 2 classglitches and warn me for it. You are also deliberatly leaving out that in case 1 I got outlawed and later died to a bunch of guys NRR-breaking (instant attacking after respawn while I was trying to leave) while in case Nr 2 I got randomed by guys that werent even in the faction that owned the chests.
  5. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Ftm_Johann_Lorraine The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: SA_Ted The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): 11.03. 18:30 What you claim the admin has done: Giving an unreasonable punishment. The full story: A bunch of Lorraines managed to get their hands on some gold. After the shopfaction refused to open to us we lockpicked their gate, they then started attacking and insulting us. One of them got killed while I thought I still had a KoS on him, I then proceeded to punch him seven times in total (someone else killed him). Despite my clear ban history and 2 warnings, one from July 2016 and one from July 2017, he banned me two days for this. He also tried to pin a classglitch on me, when I simply ragequit and logged back 10 hours later. There have been similar "mistakes" made by him and as he has made derogatory and insulting comments towards me in the past I can only assume his judgement has been clouded by some personal disdain towards me. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example):
  6. Because normal chargers are 1) boring and 2) die way too fast. Its the equivalent of the difference between Elite armor (48 body armor) and plate (55 body armor) - in 95% of situations where you die in elite youll die in plate aswell, such as getting couched or ganked by several people at once, you can even kill a plate with 4 hits with a spiked mace. It however makes archer spam less effective aswell as the use of long weapons + backpeddling. Pretty much the same with the plated chargers - bladed weapons will bump them more often and they wont immediatly die to couches. When plated chargers were made avaible on the shop the Lanni cav experimented with them quite a bit - my first plated charger died running into a braced awlpike, they do NOT do damage against tincan, couching them while they run in a similar direction will kill them aswell. I lost my second plated charger getting stuck in a shieldwall, I got dismounted pretty much immediatly. In open field they are worse than both light and other heavy horses since they are slow af and have the turnrate of an oil tanker. And in the end replacing a plated charger could also buy you 5 heavy horses or 3 sets of tincan (if we go with my suggested price of 100k).
  7. Even though I dont agree I can understand your reasoning, thanks for expanding on that.
  8. any reason besides "hurr durr they are op!!!111"?
  9. explain to me please how they are "unbalanced as hell" As of today I can buy a Charger or Sarranid War Horse, which has like 7 less armor, 3 more speed and a lot more manouverability. The only difference is the 10(?) points less in bump damage, but all of this at a price of 20% compared to my suggestion. A single ghetto lancer or awlpike are enough to cripple a plated charger, if at high speed modifiers they will instakill it. Any weapon that is effective against chargers (blunt, piercing, crossbows) is effective against it, any weapon that already bumps against the 58 armor rating of a charger or that has negligible damage (cutting onehanders, bows, low damage twohanders, any weapon with high negative speed modifier) will obviously be the same. Sure, especially bladed weapons will be even less effective, but who tf uses them in a war anyway?
  10. Item: Plated Charger Suggested price: 100k Item image(Optional): Why would you like this item added to the shop: Not that much better than normal chargers but look quite fancy. A lot slower and less manouverable than other horses for a bit of armor, they still cant survive a courser's couch or a braced awlpike. They already were in the shop 1-2 years ago but got removed when me and a few other Lannis accidentally ran over a few commoners...
  11. wat
  12. +1 how can I collect muh precious likes now???
  13. Your post was understandable with the Plate-exploit, even though the admins adjusted the price for plate on the shop instead of actually fixing the map, Bitching about the minor price difference between the item ingame and in the shop has nothing to do with getting the map fixed and will just further raise the price for a weapon already at a premium.
  14. Oh piss off, noone is gonna log out/ log in for 600g profit
  15. Maybe the solution to this would be making the price on the map cheaper, not raising the shops price of plate to 125k???