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  1. if he wants to refund take half of it from my bank since I was the one who got Andersons gear in the end
  2. I also asked earlier if anyone was KoS and got told Anderson was, the conversation you posted was merely for confirmation. @ATT3 seems to be who made him KoS, maybe he can tell us why.
  3. I asked if anyone was KoS when I came on and someone told me that you were, thats all the reason I need. I hit you and once you ran I told other people in the faction where you were. After you died and started crying in global I repeatedly told you that someone made you KoS (and mentioned the name of that guy at least once). I love that now you deny a refund because you know Im a HRE member :')
  4. As I told you several times ingame, a member of my faction (D_r_a_g_u_n_o_V) made you KoS.
  5. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: IIIIllIlIIlllIIIllllIIIIIIIl, Roderickk, Ares, HRE_Lord_J0hann The person(s) you are reporting: OTTO_check_complaints, PlebFollower, Rct_Iro_The_Fallen_Black, Blade_WolfGnar_The_Fallen The time and date of the incident: 21:00 - 09/10/2018 What you are reporting them for: Griefing, Illegal Demands The full story: We were gold mining when the aforementioned came to the silver island. They halted us and (legitimatly) killed Ares and Roderickk while I (IIIIIII...) complied with their demands while standing at a wall, hiding the cart inside (I was told by Olaff afterwards that this is considered glitching?). They demanded me to rotate 180 degrees, gave me several further conflicting demands, started taking silver from my cart (while I was still halted) and dropped it on the ground so it would despawn, told me to dismount etc. At some point they left the island and allowed me to pick some up only to come back, tell me to leave with them on their boat, then move the boat in the middle of the sea while dropping the nuggets again, waiting to let them despawn yet another time. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Yes, 400000 Gold
  6. Oh sod off You had been spawncamped twice in Iron abbey and in Praven, once we capped that a single member of your faction managed to run away and ninja Vornne. we then waited in Jelkala and apart from a single group of a few nakeds in the beginning noone showed up. Since you kept refusing to peace, stated that you wanted to keep us online (like you and your other toxic clanmates have done in the past numerous times) and we couldnt get an admin to forcefully peace it I joined the other faction, went all the way to Old Port, capped it, went back to Jelk and capped that aswell. In that entire time you capped an empty Iron Abbey but again not a single guy showed up at Jelk What we did was not only perfectly legal but also the reasonable thing to do.
  7. We did not circumvent any rules though, how exactly is that loopholing?
  8. At this point we had killed your entire faction several times yet you refused to peace, you kept the war for nearly 2 hours and even admitted in global chat that you only wanted to keep us online. Cry moar please
  9. Thats simply not true. the last time they were avaible for donators at something around 65k, definetly under 100k tho.
  10. If thats your argument, why introduce new armor? Why have plate when you can still get killed by 3 hits with a mace or morningstar? We want them back because a charger is still easy to kill and the plated charger would offer a bit more wiggle room to survive. A plated charger wont magically run through a shieldwall like hot butter, it wont magically win sieges on its own or survive getting cornered by a bunch of ghettolancers. Theres not a single player on this server, including people with 10m+, that could afford using plated chargers regularly if they were introduced at 1m or more. Unlike plate, they can be instantly removed from the game by an awlpike or couch, theres no way of getting them back. If they are reintroduced at such an obsurd price the richest people will buy them and store them somehow, some will be used in a few sieges and theyll get killed pretty quickly, the same as had already happened 2 years ago when they were offered for significantly less than 100k. At 1m, theyll be worth in the range of 10-15€ or several hours of boring labour ingame. Your pike comparison is bullshit, base weapon damage has a significantly higher impact on the total damage than armor has and it wouldnt take an ENTIRE DAY to farm the money for one. See the damage calculation I made earlier in the thread on what the effect of the +7 armor are. The reason for the removal of plated chargers was the insane bump damage that can cause harm to people in light to medium armor if they go at full speed. I dont think anyone would care if said damage were to be reduced.
  11. For 100k, the advantage of the plated charger over the normal one would be similar to plates advantage over elite armor, 5 times the price for slightly more protection. The last time they were introduced for an even lower price you didnt see them that often either. The chance of a normal charger dying in a siege is quite high, once it dies its gone (unlike plate that can get looted over and over again). The plated charger isnt that much beefier that it would survive situations where normal chargers die (see the damage calculation I made earlier) so theyll still die en masse (like the last time they were introduced). Heck, even when they were still avaible on the forum shop (for donators) at a lower price and I organised gold runs (with gold mines giving over 1,5m) several times per day there was not a single Lannister who used said plated chargers for offensive sieges a week after their introduction. If I use 2 keys and work extremly efficient without any delay I can prepare, mine, smelt and sell 2 carts of silver nuggets, which equals 21 bars = 840k, somewhere between 70-90 minutes . If I get a place to hide it and can go back to mine the rest Ill be able to get everything in 2 hours, with a max payout of 1-1,4m (depending on the map). If everything goes perfect, Im therefore able to earn 700k per hour. Due to interruptions, needing a guard (either 1 of said keys or another person) or delays (long way to the selling point, long boat trip) this goes down dramatically and there is still a huge risk of getting robbed. Anyone that cant mine during obscure times (early in the morning, in the middle of the night) and doesnt know the game mechanics in and out will earn significant less. Go iron mining or make leather or linen and you get maybe 100-150k per hour. If you add the plated charger for 1m or more youll have some rich people (like me) who will buy it to either sit on a spare key or in their inventory or to use it once and have it die immediatly. If 99% of the playerbase wont use them since they would have to literally spend an entire workday earning the money needed for an item that can be lost in seconds why bother adding them in the first place?
  12. Yes, it isnt that much, because with speed bonus you will still do damage with any weapon, and without speedbonus you will armorbump at roughly the same rate as with chargers, mainly because you are too close/ dont hit with the sweet spot or are retarded enough to use a sword in PK. Assuming a worst case scenario, an archer with a spiked mace hits a plated charger. That results in roughly 39-40 initial damage for a fast attack (ignoring speed bonus and weapon sweetspots) and ~44 damage for a held attack. I will assume 40 damage because its easier and I have no idea when and how rounding takes place or how the speedbonus is applied. minimum remaining damage = potential damage - 1 * armor value * soak factormaximum remaining damage = potential damage - 0.5 * armor value * soak factor Soak factor for a blunt weapon is 0,5 min remaining damage = 40 - 1(65*0,5) = 7 or 8 max remaining damage = 40 - 0,5(65*0,5) = 24 The reduce factor for blunt weapons is 0,75 minimum final damage = minimum remaining damage * (1 - armor value/100 * reduce factor)maximum final damage = maximum remaining damage * (1 - 0,5*armor value/100 * reduce factor) min final damage = 7 * (1 - 0,65*0,75) = 3 max final damage = 24 * (1-0,325*0,75) = 18 And lets do the same calculation for a normal charger (58 armor) again: min remaining damage = 40 - 1(58*0,5) = 11 max remaining damage = 40 - 0,5(58*0,5) = 25 or 26 min final damage = 11 * (1 - 0,58*0,75) = 6 max final damage = 26 * (1-0,29*0,75) = 20
  13. thanks 7 more body armor and 20 more hitpoints in exchange for being barely faster than a sumpter horse, asking 1m for that is ridiculous. If the bump damage was adjusted to sth like 35 it would not hurt armored people any more and would cause less damage to nakeds.
  14. HRE and pubs are the only ones that have horses anyway since you cant use them for camping castles :')
  15. Because once they came out Jampad and I tested them and I lost one during said tests running into a braced awlpike. Another plated charger got crippled getting stopped by a normal pike. I lost another one during a siege leading cavalry once I get stuck in a shieldwall, it was gone within seconds. During a cav engagement one of the other Lannis that had one got couched from a front angle while going at a slow speed and it was crippled. My last plated charger got randomed by a naked with a spear while I searched for my phone, that took less than 20 seconds aswell. It takes several couches to take down a normal charger if you dont have a decent speedbonus. The only issue is the massive bump damage and I have to admit that the Lannister cavalry's behaviour (including me) contributed to the reason the charger was removed from the forum shop. I got no problem if that value would be adjusted to a similar one of the normal charger. It would be lovely if @William. @Techno or @Tommy could post the plated chargers stats because I cant remember them and cba to search through all my forum posts. T