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  1. omg they are hezbollah
  2. Yeah great idea especially if you are a bolton so you are a slave 24/7
  3. Woodcutter secrets
  4. I dont need a weapon good sir. Im a wood chopper. All i need i can find in the nature. Never watched DMAX HD ?
  5. Ah you were the good sers that guardet me while i was chopping my wood. I shall reward you for self immolation. Next time we meet ingame i will supply you with wood !
  6. The basic wood price is 221 per wood block (im selling cheaper) at the moment. I dont think you lost wood worth 220k sir.
  7. Hello my name is Dirk My role on PW_Phoenix is to chop wood and build something big with it Many times good sirs and ladies come by slaughter me for my precius wood. They refund me with their so beloved "gold". But i dont need gold. I need my wood back. You may not have noticed but my counter is wood . My motto is : "Rather suffer then dying with no wood" I am propably the richest of all of you as you see here and here is a drone capturing me hard working Thank you for your attention. Dear Dirk der einsame Holzhacker Son of Rebellious Villager
  8. PW_Phoenix 5 minutes before i posted the complaint
  9. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Dirk_der_einsame_Holzhacker The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: GA_Mallador The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): Just now What you claim the admin has done: RDM The full story: I was walking arround the arena with a cart of wood that i just chopped selling it to the tournament spectators. Then he just came by and killed me with his invisible sword :( Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Logs upload pictures Me after this horrible crime :(