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  1. Sure it's their choice but if they're making a blatantly wrong decision it should be pointed out. Wotsit isn't good enough to say who is and who isn't autoblocking either.
  2. I've been accused of autoblock too, doesn't mean there's any validity to it. Based on the lack of knowledge the admins seem to have about the game it's more than possible Mokka was wrongly suspected before too.
  3. That's even more obvious it isn't autoblock because there are plenty of incidents within the video where he makes mistakes. 0:05 - reacts to spam, even if you have autoblock if you click the attack button you are no longer blocking, ie. the guy has the reaction time to stop his swing and block instead = clearly skilled 0:08 - reacts almost a second late to overhead feint, not instant following. 0:12 - doesn't react at all to missed overhead swing 0:27 - reacts again to spam and cancels his swings 0:36 - blocks left in response to overhead from mining pick = clearly using manual as he did wrong block 0:40 - again does the wrong block If you're banning these people for autoblock when they're completely innocent then you need to get some people who can actually tell what's happening to help you figure out who is using it and who isn't.
  4. This isn't autoblock, as I explained to Sednan the guy isn't following the swing perfectly. This is an autoblock where the swing is followed perfectly In that clip as Sednan pointed out at 10 seconds into the video if you slow it to 0.25 you can very easily see that the guy recording does an up feint and Mokka doesn't respond to this at all. If it was an autoblock it would follow it perfectly. He blocked down as soon as he got his mace out which is the only thing remotely suspicious but at the same time you can see the guy attacking him does a stab into the wall, more likely Mokka had a late response to the stab. Really the guy blocks like 5 swings which any shit kid can do in this game. If it's possible to do this it isn't impressive for someone to block a few swings.