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  1. That's ur Opinion and I said my one all cool its up to u if u think its petty or not.
  2. I guess it will go in Swann as well as in Lorraine. U get the Admin position and u will be asked to do shit (Telling Members to Replay to Complaints and maybe posting them in the TS, Taking looks into logs who stole shit, etc) I saw it myself when I was FS on EU_Shitstain. Of course u can resist but will u? That's how it was in the most of the Clan's. So Devouch from my side. It began that way and it will stay that way.
  3. Voucherino for brother Turin he's the most trustworthy person I know. Hope u work up Ur ass to SA @Turin
  4. Cool but u are a massive troll and a ban mongering nougat. What gives me the sureness that u won't ban people unless its need to?
  5. No
  6. Nice leaving to Vorn there Screen hidden due to private infos - Otto
  7. It's the same as her : Guess u don't have any proof of them being inside the castle? Because that was the reason why my complaint was marked invalid.
  8. Cuz merc got the rights on it
  9. U lie, u can't be trust, Why should u receive an admin position I fail to see that
  10. That's your Answer little poor from a man talking big, isn't it? Just shows more that u can't be put in an Admin position.
  11. U are the worst person too but in a position of an admin. I would choose Tav over you a million times. Devouch because of what was said above
  12. We (Swann) were in war yes but after he got killed they declared on us