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  1. Go and die the Village people are most likely the hostile once
  2. Everyone or just wanna say most of us are and still get triggered. Aye Sedarino? @Sednan
  3. Jesus Christ Bohemia are back
  5. https://gyazo.com/2a4abba7ac77b53e7cfd5e46b3ef5cca Vorn or Riverrun dekdek pls fixfix @Dekkers DANKE
  6. Then let's be honest Tav you killed him because he stands in the Way? Lie better. You just thought he's a new player he wouldn't bother Reporting this as he doesn't know the rules. And you can push for a ban if you want but what I said above is true ask some polish people. Last Command.
  7. Ye, I'm not involved but seems like I know the stuff better than you are. You can Reread on the Internet Donkey.
  8. If someone has the polish language as a Mother Speech isn't it true that they can understand 70 % of Czech Language and 30% of the Russian. So only the Grammar would be the Problem because of the Cyrillic script but I guess some people can write with it. So even if he's Polish he still can write Russian and still understand it. You can't say that it was a Troll, can you?
  9. We are Inactive that's what he wants to say with it
  10. The admin team will probably take enough time to discuss this carefully, only I say it was not the first and not the last one to abuse it And if they Thought they can trust him again no one can do anything about it, isn't it?
  11. He was not the first person & not the last
  12. /Vouch Everyone deserves the 2nd chance, even if he has done things that no one will never forget, but he can make it better as before isn't it?
  13. Well, Nice that you know what Happened in our Clan Irrelevant btw Vouch he will do a good job as before
  14. Devouch/ The Application is not really well written because I can't even find the 300 words. We need neutral admins I know we will not find them anywhere but we could try, he speaks about himself as he knows everything & he can do anything he might know everything but he will do this stuff wrong as someone else too.