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  1. We are destroying the servers fun remember? They said
  2. @Tywin Some wannabe
  3. That u lose the fight and not take of the silver from us. Sure
  4. Do u have ss that we were in Combat fight when we logged and from our Body or an SS that shows ur are besieged our castle if pls provide them Because u need an SS from Combat fight The body of the persons And that u sieged the castle
  5. @Natty Refund him the 2k from my bank tyty.
  6. The only one lying here is u, not us. It does not count if I took it or not are you that retarded?
  7. It doesn't count if I personally was on the bridge or not u glue sniffer. It shows we siege u you C-log and here we are.
  8. When he Logged while we were Siege Monti His body that shows he was inside the Castle: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sak_Ok/screenshot/941707357836083968 And he didn't even deny that he was in the Castle at beginning of the complaint. No other Proof needed if an Admin can't see an obvious Clog
  9. Who are you and why are you writing piss off. The SS Shows that Kawaii was on the Bridge When Exta logged.
  10. So Exta didn't even deny that he was inside the castle. You have a prove that we had war and were already outside Monti and you a trying to tell me there is not enough Evidence? Well to ur part 2 It was a up coming Hostile situation when we were 2 meter away from the gate. Will post a SS of his body when I'm home or @Kawaii will do it. So Exta was in Hostile situation as we siege the castle.