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  1. ill refund u 5k if it was just a mistake get over it we all have our days
  2. that is a double bump and it happens sometimes i dont really think u can see that as 2 bumps because 2 bumps need to happen intentionally that is why there are 2 bumps required for kill reason and not 1 so this complaint is valid
  3. i dint know he stole the money but i got the proof
  4. he was a commoner in the training room with a faction i was at war with 5 sec before attacking him i killed 1 enemy if u need futher proof i have screenshots
  5. apply common sense u had things to lose that is why u logged out and u can logg out if we arent inside ur castle but we were and we were gonna kill you all that is why u combat logged we even told u u coundt combatlog but u did anyway
  6. i think its best for u to stop replying to this post because u arent the one being reported, but u can be by me and i dont take kindly to combatlogging so i wont accept a refund
  7. its diffrent when logging out with silver or gold bars because that is to save ur own money u would have lost otherwise and i think this rule is meant for logging off while no enemys are at ur gates and not while we are in ur castle looking for you apply common sense please
  8. i enjoy vaseline and popopopopopo combatlogged aswell, and u had gold on u because the first time u sold it u stole it from me but u went back to the mine after and i got screenshots of standing infront of ur castle while hoster logged out wich is clearly combatlogging as we were in war
  9. I did give him a chance to go get it, But he was too busy insulting me
  10. haha one second ill keep it in mind next time ill refund him
  11. reform and then disband after 2 months no thank you