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  1. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Yeoman_Beast_Beaufort The person(s) you are reporting: Rec_Renee_France The time and date of the incident: 17:30 - 10/12/2018 What you are reporting them for: Illegal Demand The full story: I was halted in their armory, and was told to "Never come back", which as far as I know is illegal. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: https://gyazo.com/40c89fb4218dfa63c45176767eb7194a + Logs Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  2. Your GUID and name: 1990178 / Yeoman_Beast_Beaufort Reason for refund: I spawned under water, drowned and lost my full tin Date & Time: 12/10/2018 / 4:45 pm Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): - Link to the complaint (if applicable): - Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/cf6d7238faa36d5de31d6403f8f048a1 Estimated amount: 65000
  3. well as far as I know he still gets kill reason on you, if you are hitting the chest.
  4. It's less the tin, and more the point that our two clans had a "agreement" about attacking members of our two clans. You have broken that multiple times, and even tho I was leaving village towards Highgarden to stay neutral in that pleb war, ur mates followed and killed me, after I just spawned in. So what is ur point about "heartbreak" .. mate I dont really care about the tin tbh .. just had to give a reason for the refund.
  5. I am just telling u to leave ur stupid "insults" (that arent really insulting anyone) out of this, so whats ur point?
  6. Jesus christ, no need to get toxic in here mate. I just put ur name in there cuz I wasn't sure who was the lord at the time. So just calm your cojones and sip a beer or something. (That being if ur old enough to do so)
  7. For christ sakes ... you did not try to cap richfield, you were just salty cuz we got 2 plates from you, started calling ur minions on, and tried to get ur plates back. And now be so kind, and stop talkng to me, I have better things to do than discuss with you.
  8. Ah yeah, I am talking about the war we re-declared after ur illegal war mate... nIce try tho.
  9. First of all, I was not refering to Phoenix but to the "friendly" fieldbattle yesterday on our training server. Besides that, you seem to be real proud to have capped a city from a bunch of plebs, after calling banenrs twice. *Applauds*. You play in a pleb faction, and let me call 30 Stonewells on, and see how it goes for you. Have a good evening, and be quiet now!
  10. Ah idk if you have been to our 1v1 fieldbattle yesterday, but you won like 3 fights out of 10 (no offence to you). So stop talking trash about Stonewells only fighting when we have superior numbers. Besides I am not crying about it, I am just reporting it. Reporting aint equal to crying, and now be quiet.
  11. This is actually the ISIS-Headquarters ye know.
  12. And now just be quiet ppl, and let the admin sort this out.
  13. It's just about the fact, that they are often enough crying around about "illegal wars". And as 30+ minutes without a cap attempt happen to be illegal, why don't report it? The redeclaring has nothing to do with this.