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  1. How were you born? I wasn't Why were you born? Heil Zippo What's your in real life name? no name can i join sir
  2. Good News for the glorious Kingdom of France https://gyazo.com/b043ca0ffde53f48a1dd449aea2cc8b2
  3. hello that's not true i'm poor
  4. x d
  5. Lorraine ist deutsh. Wir mussen deutsh sprechen
  6. I fail to see the point of naming your clan Kingdom of France if you want something new. Even tho a Polish France is already weird
  7. The Duchy of Alsace Lorraine House Type [Knight , Noble]: Noble (a duchy to be exact)Members [Minimum 2]: we're around 100Name of Members: too many Steam Contact Link: pw-phoenix.com/Activing: idk what that's supposed to do
  8. He just want to explain you killing only him was bad. Next time kill them all maybe???!!!
  9. lol you really didn't know after a so long time?
  10. Yes this map is funny !!
  11. Greyjoy spy????!!! Russian Order must be careful !
  12. Japanese & egyptian castle looks nice, but this map need some fix, you can't just put all of this water in the middle without anything that can make you travel exept boat
  13. Being retarded Being retarded cool cool Common sense <-- You're retarded you get blocked Admins are player too Here is the answer to each of your sentence plz no warning point this times Rowan
  14. I'm done with this @Hagaron