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  1. Quite frankly embarrassing. Can literally say the exact same about you lot, we was fighting Brandenburg and you got in the way and stayed in a warzone even though you peaced. You swung at my guys so we swung back. Fairly sure @Spudgun @Bronxh and maybe @Alan all will have recorded parts of the fight and you can see your guys interfering.
  2. We'd just killed some templars im fairly sure, im not denying your amazing ability to look at logs, but we had just fought some templars and then just after this man we killed some more templars, could be like 30 seconds either way not sure. I don't record my gameplay anymore so i have no proof other than the logs. :) However if found to be valid, feel free to take the money from my bank, apologies if it was a random!
  3. That is one of the stupidest things i've ever read hahahahah, "We don't care who your friends or enemies are", thats not what Orc is saying, he's saying that there are people within the community who will know applicants better than you will. If you really are that close minded to not be able to listen to the opinions of the players you are an admin for, than i do not see why you hold the position you currently have. 100% Agree with Orc & Tommy. Also /BIG VOUCH FOR MY SLAV BROTHER
  4. so let me get this straight, @Eden_ used a PHYSICAL object to push you slightly and you jumped off the boat on your own accord @Cheese you had multiple chances to literally shoot them, you made one demand of a halt which he didn't follow and you could of just killed him, but instead chose to take it to the forum like the keyboard warrior you are ur a tuna melt, reckon im gunna release that recording, show your TRANSPARENCY as an admin lol
  5. Exactly the same, its bullshit that if you voice your opinion on a type of complaint to help the admin with the decision you are just censored and given warning points lmao
  6. OH SORRY SOMETHING SLIPPED HERE http://pw-phoenix.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24512-solvedpendingci_arquero_himura-ser_vhasj_lannister-illegal-war/&page=2#comment-189690
  7. I've deleted the parts which dont matter lol. ONE THING VERY CLEAR - it is not down to you who i choose to declare on it simply isn't, you do not get a say in that even if its gunna be a clusterfuck that doesn't matter when it comes to this complaint, so can all of you stop mentioning how much of a clusterfuck it was lol. At the end of the day if i only wanted to war one faction, and your faction (Beaufort) attacked mine first, being plebs or not, in a warzone aswell with video proof of me literally saying do not attack you, then the complaint is invalid as evidence has been shown, cosmin was hit first and we also let a beaufort escape on his horse without attacking him at the start of the video, you are being pathetic to be perfectly honest and i can't believe how bothered you are over losing 10k worth of gear which was already refunded yet you still reported? So by all of that, there are a few fundamentals the admin should take into account when dealing with this. 1. The video proof of Cosmin being attacked first, and also me saying "Don't attack the Beaufort's!" 2. ITS A WARZONE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. 3. Morally, Honourably whatever other shit is spewed does not matter, not even how cancer it was in your eyes, it matters from a LEGAL standpoint. 4. You have already accepted a refund in-game where the logs can be checked and also the refund was sent over the forum by @Vhasj, so you are just trying to get me banned at the moment even though you accepted the refund which makes this complaint invalid.
  8. Its a warzone because there is a war going on between several faction, Beauforts + Templars were both with a similar banner colour, if not exactly the same and were also in a massive clump of a mess, and all factions were swinging for each other, you can't say it was all self defense and neither can i, at the end of the day both faction swung for each other, that's how it went down lol Again, we can't really see due to the massive fight going on and also conflicting banner colours and i for one usually play with the basic name labels with only the "+" sign above people's heads. You just said in the first block of text that there were multiple slaughtered outside, but now you are saying you was the single one outside???? I mean i have no idea what "shirk" means but having a clan doesn't get me out of anything lol, look what happened to Kozubki when he mass clogged his clan. He got half his bank taken and a warning on his account and if he fucks up again its a week ban i'm fairly sure. So that argument is also negated.
  9. Lmfaoooooo, trust me i don't think i'm any better than you over a tag, anyone who knows me can agree with that lol So why say no refund then lol
  10. Deliberately of course it was i'm not denying that i warred the Templars because i wanted to kill the Templars lol, i can't help it if you are in the way of my target and we all swing for each other. I wasn't aware that people would be so upset to make a report wanting me banned because they died in a warzone lol.
  11. Its a warzone, complaint over??? You can't assume that i have to declare on Beaufort's, because i don't plain and simple, i do not have to do that. You can assume that it was a clusterfuck and that my good friend @Vhasj has a recording of the entire siege and I'm fairly sure will gladly post said video to prove that i said in TS "do not attack Beaufort's, act in self defense", both clans are in the wrong as both clans swung at each other, if you disagree or argue then you're a fanny, accept that both parties were in the wrong and the logs will be that much of a shit show from all the fighting that i pray for whichever admin deals with this. Other people who may have recordings are - @Bronxh, @Alan, @Sharp and maybe @Maxxxio. You're upset that you got bashed over the head once or twice in a day so now you want someone banned. If you really want someone banned over it then sling one my way you wet wipe
  12. Kozubki came to my TS after all of this happened as i requested him and ari and beauforts come to my TS to discuss the bullshit of the situation, the beauforts couldn't, but ari and kozubki did, the logs stated that there was a 5 second gap in-between us declaring and the mass log, i'm fairly sure an admin can confirm that, which means that a MASSIVE block of text would of appeared on their screens saying that they have been declared on, 5 seconds before they logged, so they can't use the excuse that "they didn't see the declare". End of the day, it was a mass clog to avoid being smashed by the Swanns, i think it's extremely petty that Kozubki would try weed his way out of this situation with a measly 300k refund, 1.5mil is too much i agree, but after hearing how Kozubki lied in my TS about certain things and contradicted himself throughout our conversation and also now is trying to justify a 300k refund on this forum, i see fit that he gets the ban. The whole bullshit about "Nothing was going to happen" is obvious lying as 40 Swanns were still on the server and had declared on them. Baring in mind there was FIVE seconds between the declaration of war and the mass log.