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  1. tell your man walt that then lmfao, he's a cretin x
  2. I have spoken to Ike and we have agreed that this complaint is not needed, Ike will be dropping the complaint, sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Just checking is this map up until next monday? In a weeks time? Really enjoying this map, refreshing to have something new.
  4. We warred you because you told us to leave our own castle, we then pushed and capped your castle.
  5. definitely positive he started to run and we just clobbered the fucker
  6. looks really good tbf, all the castles have their own uniqueness and is much better than anything I've ever seen from @Dekkers
  7. 6 Kozubki? You had 15 on you cheese melt
  8. I am sorry for killing you, i did think you were still KOS, as it was called in Teamspeak, please accept my deepest sincere apologies friend. And a 5k refund as my gratitude? :)))
  9. sorry but its unplayable with the amount of castles, I love the map but in the current state of PK with the abundance of clans its aids, which is no one's fault is just simply doesn't work, clans have to all cram into factions together no matter what
  10. shit talked? hahahah I said you carried on running whether it was 2 seconds or not, bring it up with the PS fella, wasn't me, besides, they are saying you twatted the gate anyways lol. kill reason there kid