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  1. I'm still being rediculed by my father because I chose to play as a female in Saints Row 3 years ago. smh
  2. How about no.
  3. Gotta wear my padded clothes everytime I stumble on the forum, too much edge.
  4. >invades iraq >"shock and awe" >"mission accomplished" >loses ~5 thousand men to a bunch of goat fuckers murikah
  5. Fuck off with that flag fagg0t.
  7. Fuck off Islamist fashion conscious individuals secularism is the way forward. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION
  8. You don't have to write a fucking battle report about your opinion.
  9. Wait wait, NA and Kurdish ? My God can't think of a more miserable duo.
  10. "new balanced professions including horsearcher .." I closed the tab right there.
  11. pycb?
  12. *fucking long ass paragraph* *edgy ending*
  13. @Simon remove this Korean sympathiser
  14. Member of an EU clan, Leader of an NA clan, might as well make him SA along with Midnight.
  15. Eh you could've just dropped 300 and carried on ?