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  1. Btfo our allies pls its making me sad :((
  2. That mg being supplied by your Lannister sugar daddy, amirite ?
  3. Fuck outta here with your commoner shit.
  4. Nasser would be happy.
  5. Here we go again with the K I K E Initiative ..
  6. Yes
  7. We have Kifak for that, Zaira.
  8. Do your allies even exist
  9. 🅱️oneless tolerance pls
  10. As an old member of this community I've concluded that it is useless to discuss shit on the internet my ni🅱️🅱️a.
  11. Muh pc muhh feelings muhh race muhh diversity
  12. Lmao
  13. We're dead leave us alone.
  14. She-Wolf
  15. Death to the secessionist scum.