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  1. She-Wolf
  2. Fuck you too.
  3. Death to the secessionist scum.
  4. I'm still being rediculed by my father because I chose to play as a female in Saints Row 3 years ago. smh
  5. How about no.
  6. Gotta wear my padded clothes everytime I stumble on the forum, too much edge.
  7. @Simon remove this Korean sympathiser
  8. Member of an EU clan, Leader of an NA clan, might as well make him SA along with Midnight.
  9. Eh you could've just dropped 300 and carried on ?
  10. I think Sofia is the only transfag that I could tolerate. alvouch
  11. People are not that retarded, Its only poles and NA's you need to worry about.
  12. Yeah please close this, ty @Mrxenon. @Kilian
  13. Any castle that only has a bridge leading to it is probably gonna be called a bias castle ))