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  2. كس امهاتكم ي عيال القحبة المنيوكة Check mate Frankish cucks.
  3. You're asking for a 50k refund, I obliged, take it and move on.
  4. We thought the entire area to the bridge belonged to us, I was wrong. Since I gave the order to kill you I'll take responsibility not Oswald. The admins can take the 50k from my bank.
  5. Never trust someone with numbers in his name.
  6. Done good sir
  7. I halted your faction members including you and asked you to sheath, you didn't do that and as your screenshot shows there are multiple people fighting in your vicinity. So you didn't halt nor sheath your weapon, and you were in a skirmish zone anyways.
  8. We have to pay Mr William a couple of mils for "wasting his time" you see.
  9. He shit talks sometimes so he’s not “admin material” ?? Do you have to be a fanook so you can be “admin material” these days ??? Jeez.
  10. If you wish to join the Holy Roman Empire, visit our forum at: http://www.holy-roman-empire.de/ and if you have any questions, feel free to add [HRE] Aybak on steam.
  11. Rome’ain’t
  12. TW forums long ago, I was Caliph Al Fayez
  13. I remember when @Scorpia had a tantrum about me requesting this
  14. Look at me daddy my dick's big !!!
  15. N/A