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  1. Get off his holiness faggot.
  2. Hey hey my bank was earned by hard labour pls sir no !!!!
  3. can ppl gimme reps everytime i post to be cool like tav pls
  4. Are you fucking kidding me. Best you can do is regulate how many can train.
  5. Could've skipped it all with "ooga booga rmd"
  6. Man the West killed countless peeps in Iraq and noone gave a nigger's shit bout it. You think some pixles gon matter.
  7. Yall niggers gotta try Kabsa.
  8. Why does it say Mercia when its York ?
  9. Well its pretty rich when saying you disagree with the government yet assume that every Arab agrees with his government ?
  10. @Bohl mate your memes are as bad as your immigration laws.
  11. Wtf why can't i delete all this shit. @Michael I demand the privilage of deleting things pls.
  12. Piss off our Virtual Embassy faggots.
  13. I bet if that was Robb we'd already see EU_Autism.