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  1. TW forums long ago, I was Caliph Al Fayez
  2. I remember when @Scorpia had a tantrum about me requesting this
  3. Look at me daddy my dick's big !!!
  4. Join a clan, PERIOD.
  5. N/A

  6. hello 21st wife
  7. More churches to bomb ! الله اكبر الموت لأمريكا اللعنة عاليهود الموت لإسرائيل النصر للإسلام
  8. Leave history lovers from the gaggle of glue sniffers please thank you.
  9. I thought you ate Mcdonalds not run pk with them ??
  10. Oh yes, gotta love the olden days where you would have a system that makes you disappear for months for a joke about someone's uhh .. deformed physical state .. or making fun of his social life ! Ah the olden days ..
  11. We all know where this is going )))
  12. Fuck off infidels.
  13. Its a daily ritual.