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  1. Fuck off infidels.
  2. Its a daily ritual.
  3. Item: Elite Scimitar, Veiled helmet, mail robe and the Sarranid mail boots. Suggested price: idk Item image(Optional): - Why would you like this item added to the shop: A mamluke must look the part.
  4. 1917 you smelly faggo t.
  5. Jeez I leave for a while and the Turks and Chetniks are at each others throat. LOVE NOT HATE
  6. That would make perfect sense sir.
  7. How about you make hunger a thing so sieges can actually be meaningful.
  8. Lets restrict all armour that is stronger than a mail hauberk except for the coat of plates, kings n shit can wear that.
  9. KID king ***
  10. Fucking shameful failed state that puts WOMEN above MEN
  11. You iz a bich
  12. Nice clan there friend ‘gl !!!
  13. Clans struggle to put their members to work and you think this shit would be alright ? Lmao.
  14. You can't travel if you're in the military. So I gotta fulfill my dream via the internet.