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  1. Betting is a punishable offence in the eyes of Allah. @Hamilcar Barca you fucking cunt your taqiyya is exposed.
  2. Is there any twitch stream for this shit ? I want to watch some beating
  3. Clans struggle to put their members to work and you think this shit would be alright ? Lmao.
  4. I am a Knight of the Kingdom of Lorraine !!!!
  5. Don't you dare insult the Knightly class fagggot.
  6. You can't travel if you're in the military. So I gotta fulfill my dream via the internet.
  7. I want to rp as the city rapist.
  8. What do we call a vassal's vassal then ????
  9. Oh a few days won't hurt.
  10. Vassals don't deserve clan boards.
  11. Brighton ???
  12. England has converted ! النصر لله
  13. Of course brother, they shit talk our peaceful religion, they get the sword ! الله اكبر و العزّة للإسلام
  14. Can you tell the story of jihadi @BlackLaik and his Emir terrorising Montibeil's commoners ?