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  1. You have to be ManlyStanly
  2. Looks like a London Subway map
  3. Not every Faction can have a evilmay though
  4. Fuck horse archery, normal archer spam is bad enough
  5. Hey, this time I read the entire complaint, I actually feel sick now
  6. Dear @ggikec Please accept my deepest apologies for my mistake in regard to your Admin complaint. I have read the entire complaint and you infact have alot of good points ! I admit I closed the complaint on purpose as I was jelouse that such a great Man like you plays pw. I will never be able to be "that" man! It was not my intention to create such an awkward and embarrassing situation for you and me. If there was any good that came out of this unfortunate experience, it is that I have grown and learned alternative approaches to these situations. Please feel free to let me know of your thoughts and concerns over this matter. You can private message me whenever you want, I will always be there for you. Sincerely, Onward #ggikec4SA
  7. I am not even going to read it. If you are being serious about doing a complaint use the right format:
  8. @Cheese SS is the only clan that actually charges, and have no fear of dying or losing...That does not suprise me as you have a Macedonian screaming angry words at you !
  9. Nice banmonger m8
  10. Rather go and report admins for not doing any complaints !!!
  11. Because it's unfortunately a Pleb Map and not really made for huge Clans :(
  12. Global warming and Africa do not exist...