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  1. Cuz nickname of creator Schzophren.
  2. If you want we can open a server for test? You can check the map. Its strategic map by the way. There is sixteen villages and castles. There is seven kingdoms and one independent village. Occupy lands and be an emperor. Control mines and farms or rent your lands to another kingdoms. The choice is yours.
  3. He said he can edit this map again. Already he is making maps very fast. Also this map very comp with EU roleplay mode. I will add more screenshots
  4. Schziphren made this map and he asked me to make a topic for that map. He is making maps since 2011 and he made this art(my opinion) in 2 day. Map size 630 kb. Steam: SogukAteS I m not creator he asked me to make a topic. Some screenshots: NEW SCREENSHOTS (İNSİDE OF BUİLDİNGS)