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  1. I mean you can clearly see I didn't attack you first eitherway, I just helped finish you off Regardless logs should show that we had a skirmish with the french in that area just a few seconds or so earlier, what did you expect coming out like that when you obviously know there's an active skirmish between ous and the french faction???? person with shit on his stick
  2. Declared from our castle with more than 75% members inside our land, then we killed all of you there, then we came and capped your castle???
  3. hey this is not your report! this is between ME AND LORD DUCKIAN !!111
  4. im an innocent man i demand JUSTICE!
  5. Are you actually this thick? I said I killed your friend for not dropping his pouch, then after you cried for a bit you demanded ous to "wait" hence you got killed it's not hard to comprehend is it?
  6. Didn't kill him for not showing pouch, he didn't drop it when i gave him more then 10 secs and wait is a demand which is a killreason, nice try tho
  7. Gave him more then 10 seconds big boy
  8. Here you go bro, have a read while we wait for the logs
  9. Don't care if you're friend is new, he didn't comply so he died You then gave me a demand by telling me to wait which is why you got killed sry lad
  10. Known him for a very long time, was a very good admin on NW Big vouch
  11. "Give me examples of RDM" in my report you literally broke all the major rules in the current ruleset, then replied to my complaint with "STOP CRYING BUHUU" I personally hope you never even get considered being unbanned you cringe worthy cunts.
  12. Vouch, one of the few norwegians I don't rdm