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  1. M8 what about the best class: Lancer
  2. The main problem for clans was the invunerablility of the higher castles, due to everyone going arcehr and mg42ing the road up the castle. If that could be cahnged i think the potential of the map was be signficatnyl greater and make the castles significantly fairer.
  3. BRing Back VOS and amybe remove archer from some of the mountaneous castles.
  4. grand, thanks//
  5. Out of intereste where is the gold sell?
  6. I like you thinking. Rip 36 years
  7. Fair enough, I think the first two could be specifically cattered to but with the starks on the server the archer formations would be a problem for many places.
  8. Can we have less invisble walls onb the mountains so we can go cross country horsie riding and walking, maybe by moving the current invisble walls closer to the walls on the castle (eg 10 metres) giving more exploring space whilst stopping jumping over walls
  9. I have known lonely wolf for a long while now, and as an active player I fell he would really be of a great benefit to the server. He can be fun and understanding but also taking no shit when the rules of the servers he is admining are concerned. As an admin he is serious and dedicated, whilst not making almost "facist" or overly harsh decision. I think this was clear with he long tenure as Head Adkin of the largest NW server. Despite being (despuse que es "un Hijo de puta con une pene mi bajo y corto, es mi novio." Also his English is fantastic, in my experience only not understanding Irish colloquialisms and much better than my Spanish, I whole vouch for his suitablitlty as admin.