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  1. I thought ze war started man wtf is your problem kid, and you put no refund GG.
  2. You lost me on the "I am turk" part
  3. Just be better than Otto
  4. I'll pay the refund for Runcop, but please be reasonable.
  5. nc kingdom with 30 peeps, ill call that a gathering of glue sniffers
  6. Alright, I am happy to refund you 5k for your lost horse. The rest is up to Ramsay
  7. press X for sad reaccss
  8. Illegal? Nothing in rules against asking questions during a halt.
  9. I could say that I am not the biggest fan of dairy products --------------> /devouch
  10. i don't care if u get accepted or nah, just stay away from my complaints, kthxbai
  11. Yea i would like Unknown to post the aforementioned logs, because they are part of the complaint, kthxbai
  12. May you guys solve this complaint already @Foxy
  13. unless he is the Lord, i had a similar case not long ago, remember?
  14. I am intensely sorry for this occurrence of yours, Mr. Pharis. I was spectating this spectacular fight when I pressed the kick button as a sign of excitement, yet unfortunately, my leg reached you. What a cruel accident indeed, I am sure that from 5- to 10k should be enough to cover your losses of ur naked body.