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  1. It's not more complicated than the actual smithing system for exemple. I just changed the "doc life" and add a regen item. You are just not used to this. And why you should die even if you killed your ennemy? I didn't speak about a bleeding system. And also i didn't said that only the doctors could apply bandages. If someone just hitted you once, you can maybe regen yourself without his help.
  2. I guess some will become immortal.
  3. Anyway, a bleeding system doesn't fit in a persistent world game style. It gives too much inconveniences. This third bar could grow only if you are poisoned or very very injured (blackbar). Even if you are healed with a scalpel by a doc. Your bar will still grown until you get some herbs.
  4. We can't do this on Warband, and i don't think it will be possible for Bannerlord. Let's just wait before saying why not.
  5. So what can the doctor do ? Carry more bandage? And i don't think that my system is complicated...
  6. Are you talking about the actual system or my system idea ?
  7. Maybe a third bar that start growing when you are injured or poisoned ?
  8. Stabbing someone with a scalpel simulate a surgery, that's not dumb . But ofc you better want to toggle your head armor than discard every time your body armor when you get heal .
  9. Your system will be so hard to code for this game. It's a lot of work for a lot of bugs at the end
  10. In my opinion, it should be a mix between these 2 implementations. It must have specific class, with defined stats, and also a little bit of customization. For exemple, i can pick the class "Sergeant" and then adjust my skills, like that i can be a good shielder. I could also pick the class "Man & Arms" and pick, idk, 4 "riding skills" and 2 "power strike". But a friend with the same class could pick like 5 "riding skilIs" and 1 "ironflesh" for exemple. But the most important thing is like everyone needs to have the same amount of skills, even if he is new player or not (exactly like in merc). Also i have a question, how can i change my class on this mod? On the web? No NPC, PLS PLS PLS PLS
  11. Feature Name: New healing system Category (Website/In-Game): In-Game Detailed description of your suggested feature: So i was wondering if we could improve the healing system of PW for Kingdoms. I'm not a very big fan of this actual system, because it's very very repetitive. So, after a little debate with some friends, i came up with this idea : There would be 2 items : Surgeon's Scalpel : With it you can heal your patient from low life to mid life. It's the basic doc item during sieges or battles for healing wounded soldiers fast. Only doctors can use it Bandage :It works like the actual food system. After applying it, the patient will regen his life slowly until being full life. If he is injured (< MidLife), he needs to get a heal first. This item is limited (like arrows) so you need to resupply. During wars, this item will be a bit useless, because you need to apply it every time someone get under MidLife. This item will also limite the "suicide naked squads push" as dying will be very punishing and you'll have to wait a lot before being full life again. So it's more like an item for peace time (only civil class can apply it?) For the food system, it will be maybe like in the "breakdown of ideas". If you are hungry, you'll have less stats. Finally, this is some optional features that can be added in the mod after. Decrease the strengh for the doctors, like that they'll have to use light armor. Ability to show your life to someone with the -c menu
  12. this could go well with the bank robbing system
  13. I thought you are already one. Anyway, it's just a change map bug. If you had the good idea to screen your stuff before loosing it, you can ask for a refund here