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  1. That rank isn't part of Beaufort, I'm unsure who this is. Probably impersonation on top of combat log.
  2. No sorry Techno I did not record the last 30 secs or so before I logged. Only screenshotted the location where I logged as I suspected there might be some backlash.
  3. Please ignore my drunk friend's comment(s) This is me walking around my castle for 7 or 8 minutes as I got increasingly bored: This is where I logged after I checked there were no enemies near me: I can see why the situation is annoying, as according to the screenshots some nakeds had just entered our courtyard when we logged, and thus felt entitled to our gear. But as you can see, I had been around the banner point and back walls and did not see any enemies for some 10 minutes by this point. I was bored and tired, and logged. I hope it is clear that this was not a deliberate evasion of combat, rather it was simply bad timing to log on our part. If this is an offense, then I will of course happily pay the refund. However, the refund should reflect our gear - the corrazina set I wore and then Alexia's elite set. There were no gold/silver bars present (this can be checked in the logs, or seen in the video) so 200,000 seems a little steep. I eagerly await the admins' final verdict. Thanks for your time, Prolat
  4. I can't seem to view a screenshot where I logged in front of an enemy I was on the walls of our castle and I didn't see an enemy for several minutes, got bored and left the game. Completely unaware that anyone was in our castle at this time. In a little I'll upload a video showing I was not under attack. I will also say now that we did not log with any silver/gold bars - any bars we did have were already sold by this point. We logged with 2 sets of decent tincan to the price of around 100,000 at best. Thanks, Prolat/King Hoster
  5. Hi I made a reply on the other thread which is reporting the same incident...perhaps these two complaints should be put together? Prolat/King Hoster
  6. Hello, I was playing as King_Hoster_Tully. I had not been attacked for more than 5 minutes while staying within the castle, and had seen no enemies. I checked around me that there were no enemies when I logged out (I have video evidence of this), so the statement that 'Hoster logged out in front of our eyes' appears to be incorrect. Alexia logged out before me and I did afterwards, as I enjoy sleeping at a certain point in the evening - we made sure not to mass log our faction at the same time. This entire war was an attempt by the 2 players - 'R4' and 'E4' (in reality Normandy Royal Guards) to get gear back from us, which we had claimed in a fair skirmish earlier on. Declaring a war with no intention to cap but every intention to keep a faction online until you can claim their gear appears to be an illegal war to me. Thanks, Prolat
  7. Here is the video: As you can see at the beginning, I shouted that all French should leave. Seeing as how Hunty was inside the castle, he definitely saw the command. At 18 seconds Sjt_Edward also shouted for the Saxony faction not to enter (which France was part of). However, Hunty then took ages to leave, eventually just tapping his 'W' key (which is why he looks like he's running in the screenshot) to bait a kill and report. Kind regards, Edmund
  8. The doctor's training in Laras simply NEEDS fixing! Plz plz plz thx thx
  9. In order to solve this complaint and restore some integrity to the community, I am happy to refund 100,000 for any gear lost from the Saxon cart. We will also remove the loophole complaint as well. We hope that by doing this we can begin to revive some good faith and trust within the community. -King Edmund
  10. I don't remember saying anything to any Saxons in this situation, why am I being reported? Thanks, Edmund
  11. All of the Saxony faction were told not to enter the castle (By Sjt_Edward_Beaufort, for logs purposes). Hunty ran in regardless, so Baron_Adam_Beaufort personally told him to leave. He then proceeded to tap his W key in order to stall his leaving the castle, and so was killed. I can post a video if required, but logs should be sufficient. Thanks, King Edmund
  12. Get this Olaf guy on to the front line! /Vouch
  13. I wanted to let Prince_Sipano_Of_Tismirr and his pals cap the castle. You can check our conversation in the local chat logs where he said he would cap. I declared war to help the Godwins take the castle. Casus Belli was achieved.
  14. Ridiculous complaint. You were spawn camped for 4 minutes at best while we waited for Godwins to cap the castle, given that us Beauforts didn't want it ourselves. There is no rule forcing me to beeline to cap a stinky castle for which I neither care for nor desire, simply for the sake of alleviating your suffering for a few minutes. I also believe your second screenshot was not taken at the right time for the complaint, and shows little as evidence. Seems like a waste of admin's time to me. Kind regards, Edmund