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  1. /vouch unbiased and friendly
  2. Same thing but for carts???
  4. a great post thank u
  5. Played this on celestial NA when I went around RDMing a bunch of Normandy people i hated the map lol
  6. I haven't got any hard evidence of it, after searching for quite a while. But I can assure you that we were lined up, in preparation for warring the Whiteruns with the NSE. Alas, this is only a statement and I can't really expand on it.
  7. /Vouch Slime ball, but a loyal slim ball.
  8. It is true Dante and I have had many issues in the past regarding personal matters and the whole ordeal has caused me a large amount of distress. However, it would be unfair for me to not credit Dante on his recent attitude towards me. Dante has shown multiple signs of remorse and regret towards me for the situation that unfortunately occurred. I of all people know mistakes are an inevitability. All of us here have made mistakes, but let Dante and I be the first in stepping forward in this community and showing that even when all seems lost nothing is completely gone. I forgive Dante for his actions and appreciate his efforts to remedy our friendship. I hope that my past with him will not hinder his ability to become an administrator and I trust he would do a fine job. /Vouch
  9. i do not want this because i do not want people to see how many warnings i have
  10. haha wat a nerd xdd

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    2. Roseline


      Thank you my Lord, for finally letting me have a say in all of this. I might be a 9 year old little sqeaker, but I have rights too! You have clearly been taking advantage of me and none of this has ever been mutual whatsoever, so I demand that you deliver me back to my parents which you've already met.

    3. Florance


      yes, your parents that i have met and gave consent to our relationship by openly inviting me to your home must BE OUTRAGED BY THIS NEWS

      i cant believe the abuse i have given to you

      i am a monster through and through

    4. Roseline


      Indeed, you have put your in tire family in shame by being such a monster, you huge disgrace. It is not like I have ever spoken to your mother or any other family member before, none of this is mutual and you will probably be put in prison for the horrid crime you have committed. This is outrages, it does not matter that the age gap between two people has to be 5 years before it is considered pedophilia; YOU ARE CLEARLY STILL A CHILD MOLESTER, even though you are only two years older than me... BUT STILL!?!?!11?!