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  1. /devouch never seen ingame first app admin app! same reason as stalin pretty much.
  2. Lorraines was stupid, no but in all seriousness /neutral leaning to vouch. If i see you myself, I guess its a vouch, reason is your quite new to PW imo also not been on the forums for too long before. ;P
  3. Baratheons are not well known, neither were umbers these clans lasted for less than 48 hrs. Nobody knows you under those aliases. i assure you!
  4. say that again lmaao, i used to lead and be in several big clans aswell as a pleb nearly all times of day. keep spouting this random stuff.
  5. /devouch , this and never seen ingame. loopholing is admitting to finding something the same to rule breaking, but something thats controversial for example being racist in global but instead of being directly racist saying random things that could be seen normal. Educated in rules? sure but only to break them in a controversial way...... that and all faction members vouching, only legit vouches are devouches, quite funny!
  6. When devouching, look at people's other qualities rather than what they did wrong. Isaac. It is really repetitive if you devouch for the same reason as Tommy? ((I don't know what i did wrong otherwise, as their must be more than one thing ;))
  7. Close the thread please, thanks for the advice.
  8. Thanks Tommy, and natty Tommy on a second hand, just close the thread up. I'll try in a month or two? Thanks for the opportunity all you other people
  9. Me and the admins, during RCC. You can only take my word, but many veterans will know these players! I may not have alot of hours, due to a steam glitch I inccured during nexus which would make me online not ingame mount and blade warband, I predict to have about 2.7k-3k hours. but its something like 1.1k in that other account of-course!
  10. - my other account
  11. I talked to The person who denied me, those were the reasons. and as said i have two accounts. I once again apologise, but I really want to help the community out, that's the reason. I apologise, once again but I have now understood that the forums has real consequences just as the game.
  12. I have another account, stated in the app.
  13. I was 13, during RCC or maybe even 12. Reason why I got admin, well actually Somebody and Nobody -Owners didn't believe I was that age. Due to my accent, I sounded much older and more mature at that age. I was also moderated due to me saying my age by Zero the HA at the time, for a while before I was a permanent moderator. Hopefully that answers it for you. I am currently 16 turning 17. ((The reason, i got a chance is because I knew the HA and a couple other admins at the time. I believe i did well, as I was never kicked or told off))
  14. No warnings/bans, you can ask an admin. but i'll post this.
  15. Your in-game name: Brynjolf Age:16 Are you currently a member of a clan? Nope What position are you applying for? Forum Administrator Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why? Nope, not even a warning. Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words): I used to be a Moderator on RCC, in the good old days of-course. I've been a Head Admin for a DayZ RP Server before also. I think, I would be suitable for this position as am an active member in this community, I have 0 warnings, bans etc. I know alot of the player-base and have been playing since the first servers for persistent world. I think I could shed my ideas on complaints. As i have no real affiliation or allegiances to any players, that makes me fully unbias. The reason why? Well, I love the community and sometimes i just don't feel like going in-game. I love law-democracy and this sort of thing kind of makes me feel self-accomplished. I like solving puzzles and seeing whose right and wrong, I have previous expierence in solving cases etc. So i am not a complete numb-skull. As-well as that, I speak two languages my main one being English which i am fluent in and second being Polish which i am also fluent in. I generally just want to help the server, I believe i show myself as that in-game and on the forums. I also fully know the rule-set and can improvise where needs be, such as racism etc. I know what am doing in a nut shell! I've ran several clans, so I usually know how to resolve disputes and can detect many lies. Link to your steam profile: ((about 1.3k hrs on both my accounts)) Have another account please do ask if you want to inspect it! ((Summer is here, I have two months. Online most days if not every-day)) ((It is no great secret, I got denied last time, It was for forum related incidents that were irrelevant which I own up to. It was clearly my fault and the admin was in the right for giving me a forum related warning, not in-game)) I would love another opportunity to try this out, and see if I can help the server in some way or other! I know understand why it needs to be overlooked))