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  1. Yeah, it's pretty easy not to get banned, my ban record is clean.
  2. How deluded are you...I'm not gonna reply unless an admin requests me to, everything I say is going right through you...
  3. You're legit admitting you were in the skirmish zone and like I said I was mobbed by so many people and saw you in the swarm so you died, you should have ran like i said don't complaint due to your own stupidity
  4. 2??? We had already killed like 5 of you right where you were standing
  5. Like 6 + nakeds all started to attack me, if you never wanted to fight you should have walked away not stand right beside us
  6. Yeah it was a clear skirmish, people directly from your clan were even attacking me and I swear you attacked me when I was on my horse
  7. If he had seen the video with us not being at the gate the complaint would've been marked Valid by now...
  8. i'm apart of this complaint and all you've said is i'm lying, you have a way to end it all right here but you're sitting doing fuck all about it....
  9. Don't waste the admins time post it, it's that simple you don't need an admin to say otherwise, if you've got the evidence to mark the complaint valid, you make it so much easier for everyone....
  10. We came to your land two times as I said, show us the video and prove i'm lying
  11. Show us this video that shows us not coming to your castle killing your naked horde jumping off the walls
  12. Your faction along with the Templars attempted a siege on the Baratheons, we saw you guys begin to pull out so we peaced our war and declared on you as your men retreated, which led to all of you getting slaughtered... We made an attempt on your castle we constantly fought of your nakeds as they jumped of your walls and your xbow shot at us, we never had the man power to attempt a full on siege with the lack of ranged units we had so we deiced to retreat ourselves, then you guys decided to RE on us we killed you some more came and spawn killed you etc etc the end.
  13. Can you at least give some form of background to how this kill even took place, we killed multiple people within a short amount of time many outlaws and many people in a full on warzone, you're being a bit unreasonable not even giving the full story not even a slight one, it would help everyone if you put some effort into this and maybe then Tywin may give you a refund if he can't supply his reason for your death.