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  1. That is the most fucking retarded idea ive ever seen just no
  2. Robbograd
  3. If the numbers are too close on this vote then keep it the same but if its loads that vote yes then i'd suggest changing it but make it alot less cancer and time consuming to make shit
  4. U literally never play smith u cunt
  5. Just shortening the time would make it 100x better even tho i liked the previous system but with how in depth it is people in clans that are smith have more things to do than sitting on pw holding F it feels like you require more skill and if you know what you're doing you can make stuff really quickly. Me and StormKi used to have a smithy on FW and at first were quite slow at making weps but once we understood how it worked we pumped out weapons pretty quickly and it was really enjoyable when you finished making the more complicated weapons. p.s i assume we're keeping stockpiles cuz in FW it was ppl JUST making weapons and you had to get one from them im pretty sure xd
  6. Reasons Feudal worlds failed: -DDOSD continuously so the server went down -If you lost connection OR the server crashed/ddosd (happened alot) you'd lose your gear because when you log off to save gear you had to put in a chest at the bank. (This pissed alot of ppl off obviously) -Admins were fucking useless literally never solved complaints even when watching people blatantly breaking rules they didn't care about the mod a few weeks after it was made. -Only a few clans were on the server so things didn't happen AS much but for the few clans that were on things were really fun and the basic RP (not hardcore as thats gay) which most people seemed to enjoy it brought more life into the mod. I understand why some might not like the smithing system however when i played feudaL worlds playing smith had wayyy more in it was alot of fun to do (and i hate smithing) felt like i was doing a lot more than just running up to a stock pile and holding f with iron. I think we should make it take less time for example with the hitting the iron on the anvil is a bit excessive but other than that playing a smith would be more enjoyable imo. EDIT: Also agree with Karis maybe remove the hammerin cuz that adds alot of the time xD
  8. nse demands to be a house in this clan
  9. That logic is fukin dumb because it was between two clans NSE wasn't part of the event so it was another CLAN AND PUBS that didn't take part. Also to respond to authentik you literally saw the announcements which benji said multiple times given people opportunities to leave the faction. You literally admit as well that you only used their tags for the event therefore it wasn't Lorraines vs ottomons it was Lorraines +Rushya & other plebs in their ts vs ottomons.
  10. i don't like heights :(
  11. yea good luck spawn killing on a dead server
  12. Why we don't like archers:
  13. listen here hagaron u aint important anymore so FUCK YOU and ur requests. - ur friend harry the respectful
  14. His name fits him perfectly
  15. xDDD Where the camera's at boys? ...This is a prank right?