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  1. ye a total flat map every castle has lancer training right?
  2. well that looks ... shit
  3. I will deal with this levy, please close the complaint. He has less than 20 hours on M&B.
  4. You have only just been warned for personal harassment, de-vouch.
  5. One of the view pubs i could agree with becoming staff. Vouch
  6. ingame script for a lottery or something where players can pay 5k? for a ticket and only 80% of it goes into the pot the rest is "Taxed" after a hour? a day? the winner gets it added onto their ingame purse rather than the bank so then people can go hunt down the guy.
  7. 623 words!!1 devouch failed to follow template !1111 For real though i see no reason not to give him a chance /Vouch
  8. Simon that makes a better point, you should NEVER attack an admin under any situation anyway.
  9. IMO he should of killed you after you hit him the first time, he showed you a mercy by only slaying your horse & you still saw fit to demand a refund and kick him.
  10. so you think its acceptable to ride around and just random people? Now you are crying that you was reprimanded on it, Aico should of temped you to set an example.
  11. The admin team just need to spend more time dealing with complaints & punishing those who are ban mongering.
  12. Turkish civil war, no more bannerlord you fags need to find some friends now
  13. You mean where the wall just vanishes xd?