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  1. Your in-game name when you were banned: RADOM_SZMATA Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned: mass rdm Why you should be unbanned: I read rules again and i wont do it anymore Any other information that might be useful:
  2. Fine , take 10k from my bank and lets end this jokereports
  3. Well I want to refund maybe? Btw if you punish me you should punish the guy that rdmed me too , it works in 2 sides buddy @Antoniodc99
  4. What a liar, you are really lucky i didnt get the full video, really nice lying in complaint. Meh, Gonna drop the complaint then.
  5. FFS, Even logs told you that i said it in local chat
  6. But saying DONT make the situation hostile soo, anyways, I asked you to watch the video carefuly, and try to connect the logs into video, but let me help you. 00:57:09 - *LOCAL* [E4] halt Guard There's me halting that guy There's me kiling that guy after 1 min, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBprftVMfYE&feature=youtu.be There's a video where im chasing the guy that i was halting Definietely not a accident, and also definitely I was trying to catch him all the 1 minute and finally i did what is showed in the video
  7. Antonio sorry, but i cant undertsand you. You admitted that i may halted u but now u say that u didnt see the halt message, where is the proof? Well, in loogs there's a halt message how do you explain that
  8. Please, watch the video again but now carefuly. Svikrd clearly say demand to me, what grants me a kill reason Imperial_Guard however he confessed that he was being chased, can you like connect the video to the logs? I mean, the video is taking place exactly in the time of these logs
  9. Is now alright? @Kildar
  10. Also ShaDer22 why you speak if u werent involved? I demanded him refund me 10k, because I LOST 5 K FROM POUCH AND I DEMANDED ANOTHER 5 K FOR ADMIN HEAL what you dont get? And yeah, sorry about that 50k, I thought i had 50k but i had 35k, but 15 k doesnt do a difference that big to ban someone for lying, come on, lets be serious.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBprftVMfYE&feature=youtu.be sorry for no sound but there was so naughty on teamspeak xD Here you can clearly see me chasing the guy i was halting, then Sivkard say a demand to me, another kill is because he looted my kill, thats all
  12. Ye i was with R4 on ts, I always follow the rules or im trying to do so , im uploading vid
  13. As I said i had 35 k on m 2. It was proved many times that if someone say "nick + need help, or nick + say help" grants u kill reason on that guy who want to help your opponent also that guy didn't follow the demand so it doesnt change nothing reallly
  14. Lying? I said i had around 50k, wasn't sure cuz i dont look at my money tbh but it seems like i had 35 k on me, so i dropped like 7k when he killed me and probably Faramir_The_Jew took that pouch. Please check the logs again as first, he said "Say help" what doesnt grant me a safety butt im sure he said something like "DONT, he DID NOTHING WRONG" thats why im asking u to check logs again, im sure that he said thing like that. Of course, he didn't follow the demand. Check logs again please, im sure he kicked me