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  1. Exactly why you need to make the rules more RP. I'm not advocating a HRP rule just make it...decent
  2. I feel that a rule change on NRR or NLR should happen. Currently as it stands NRR allows you to come back to fight if your faction is still in a skirmish. I have four problems with this. 1 - I feel that the player should not be allowed to come back unless the skirmish is in his castle. NRR means you cannot go back for the rule stands you can go back for revenge. Makes sense. The logs cannot see if there is still a skirmish going on or not as a player may run away without getting hit or he can block every hit which will not show up in the logs as fighting. You can also be loose about the term skirmish in a way. The two factions could be fighting, separate for a minute, find each other again and start fighting. This could be interpreted as a second skirmish. Can the player come back then? The skirmish he died in is over. The factions are across the map. 2 - I feel that PW is roleplay in the softest of forms, but roleplay nonetheless. All your rules are roleplay based. A player can come back to where he died, pick up his loot and attack again. That is fairly retarded IMO. 3 - I feel it is a slightly unfair rule to whomever is winning the skirmish. The other faction can turn the battle around if they get some archers respawning up a hill (think of Praven vs Springvale on the current map. If Praven is losing they can win by having archers respawn and get a bow, shoot down the hill, have footmen respawn to defend those archers and get an EZ win when in RP it should have been a massive loss) 4 - I think it is open for abuse. If you get halted, die, come back and are halted again, you have to comply. Again this is an RP problem. Either don't have the rule or say that you cannot come back to the area you were killed in for 5 minutes or you cannot come back to your attackers again. The attackers should be stopped from halting the guy they killed and having any other hostilities with him unless a war occurs. This would prevent griefing and stop the guy who died from repeatedly coming back as he must not act hostile or return to them or the place of death. In summary, this rule NEEDS to be reformed. Either change it or get rid of it. [PS] If this gets looked at by someone who can change the rule and nothing happens I'll stick my cock in yer ear. And I'll kms.