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  1. tOo bAd gReYjOyS dIsBaNdEd
  2. Should be a compliment :) Its quite nice to steal stolen textures
  3. mega.nz/#!dIBBiDjD!D8m-asoRBxy…Fw_5UgnLV5ANcm1KQzPscBOro If anyone want my greyjoy texture pack, here you go (my first one)
  4. Money Chest is broken in Hellheim Hold
  5. I hope that the capping isn't that easy, that you just can cap a castle with 2 naked ppl. Maybe add , that you need atleast need 5 people in a faction to cap an other castle. Also the money could be transfered to the "clan portal" . Or maybe you can add a mechanic that you first can cap a castle when a specif amount of player is on or you can´t cap the clan´s castle when the clan isn´t on.
  6. Feature Name: Faction income Category (Website/In-Game): In-game Detailed description of your suggested feature: I think every faction should have their income depending on the fiefs it holds. It would be a good motivation for clans to cap other castle and maybe the income of the several fiefs will depend on the size of the castle. So maybe the biggest castle is the hardest to hold but you get a decent amount of money from it. This money you can spend then on sieging other castles. This would also stop the factions to give their castle back to an other faction or just holding one castle and not care about the other. About the amount of money or the time period you get it in i'm not sure about yet. Feel free to give suggestions!
  7. Gamelin the good old Roleplayer p.s. atleast this would be fun when not enough other players are on