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  1. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Chevalier_Hami The person(s) you are reporting: Knight_Bluck_Swann The time and date of the incident: 17:45 - 11/12/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: I was walking through the village when I got stabbed by a pike Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Yes, 5000 Gold
  2. Do I really need to explain what I meant with "wannabe girl"? Ok with that I meant a squeeky 10 year old german roleplaying to be a girl on teamspeak, as gloxpaxi told him he sounds like one xd.
  3. Its not about a complaint but a behaviour, you would have noticed it if you would be able to read it, wannabe girl.
  4. I couldn't care less tbh
  5. /vouch best candidate for quite some time!!!!!!!
  6. It is just not going in my head, why so many people in this community are lacking of selfreflection or the ability to think around one corner. It's not that hard if you try. I'm basicly meaning the last few complaints but the thing has always been around in this community. And with that I mean individuals pointing out that people who aren't involved in a complaint (in their opinion) should refrain from posting in it, by posting there theirselfs, while not being involved at all. That just doesn't make any sence to me, its just hypocitical and attention seeking. I mean don't they realise, that they are doing the exact same thing as the person they are accusing? It doesn't matter if that previouse Person had anything to do with the complaint or not, as it doesn't give you a single justification to comment there aswell. With doing that you are the ones, who are aswell filling up the complaints with unnecessary stuff, which is the thing you are accusing the other ones off. So why not just let an admin decide either if a comment on a complaint is appropriate or not? In my opinion such people should get punished accordingly, as they are however if their accusation is right or not doing the exact same thing. Here is just one example: And I'm not trying to justify my comments in it but pointing out the (well apparently not) obvious. I don't even care about the game anymore but people being dumb is just triggering me so hard.
  7. Logs will show and now shush kobuzki
  8. As I told you ingame the first shot i took on you was an accident, I tried to hit the guy behind you. But you really shouldn't be suprised getting shot when you are standing infront of players breaking the gates. After that I got the order to continue shooting as apparently you weren't following the "Leave" demand.
  9. Then why are u posting here? hyprocitical attention seeker. won't reply any further as I provided my sight of view and don't want to continue shitposting about shitposting. (????)
  10. As i was involved in the situation (as the guy who said he was kos) i have every right to comment. No idea why u think posting that i'm not involved beneath a complaint that you aren't involved in at all is helping/or being better at any point. Just get some selfreflection and think before u start shitposting on a complaint and filling it with unnecessary comments.
  11. Just answer if you died in the previouse skirmish in which you were shooting us and save the admins some time.
  12. He didn't leave the area so i got told to light the ppl beyond up.
  13. 12:22:13 - Fat_Hungarian (FID: 6) attacked Horse (Greg_Greyjoy FID: 8)) with fist dealing 0 damage. Here is the moment, but it appeares that greg halted me, must have switched them both. Ye my fault.
  14. Was like 5 min. before, i even said "help" so it shouldn't be that hard to find it in the logs, unless you are blind on both eyes.