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  1. I don't understand the point of your "research" This community is small and quite a few years old and over the years groups of people became larger as everyone knows everyone. If there were 10 people doing their own thing they'd get pressured by 50 of their friends to join them and not fight against them. Big clans are inevitable nowadays. If you had new people come in they'd obviously make their own small groups with the people they know. It has nothing to do with "breaking monopolies" but in my opinion is simply the result of an old, small and of course very lovely community. xx
  2. That's the spirit
  3. Fact of the matter is you lot thought people would vote against it but they didn't. Even pulling it to 1.5x for coursers would be an improvement. Completely ignoring the wishes of the majority of the community just because you didn't like the outcome is out of order though. Even Sumpters have more health than Coursers.
  4. I believe there is a difference between a poll where 70% believed your idea was utter garbage and a poll where the MAJORITY voted yes. can you plz ask gokiller how democracy works xxxx
  5. Why can only non-combat classes play music omg also where is my 2x courser health
  6. Light horses can be stopped by an inf easily np - no matter if 2x health or 1x health. It's more about buffing them against archers really
  7. oh!!
  8. How can you afford to pay 200 a month for a bit of learning?? You know we have banned piracy from this platform?!?!?!?
  9. Are you studying game design or similar at an university or smth
  10. Did you just try and retexture or wtf is this
  11. Are you trying to impress Blizzard with those WoW proportions??
  12. Give every castles with connection to water a building prop close to the water. When engineers hit the prop with proper materials have a boat appear at a certain spawn point. Max 3 per castle or smth like that. Dno how hard that is to script tho
  13. I had a lovely chat with Ted yesterday where he assured me he had nothing to do with the piracy bans directly and that all the orders to ban everyone who mentions it are coming from @Avenger. Piotes can also not be unbanned due to this: Apparently Phoenix has to report you to the German goverment & the company if you pirate a game. Apparently Phoenix is not allowed to support piracy and has to perm ban anyone who mentions it. Apparently Phoenix can get into massive legal issues due to this. Now if it's really our honourable Avenger who issues the bans due to legal matters I'd still love an explanation how supporting Volksverhetzung, discrimination & holocaust-denial is acceptable yet piracy strikes a new level? And replacing the words chocolatey individual and individual who is good with money really isn't going to cut it. If you were to strictly follow German law half the community would be banned by now. Maybe an official statement would be somewhat useful (especially on the piotes case). Denying @Rowan unban request for piotes with no proper explanation is just poor communication. But that's just my two cents also yes, tots unban proton
  14. I moved it for you then
  15. like that?