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  1. what two parties we are plebs you cant fight the rest of the server Also you can't say a war is illegal just because one faction does not manage to get to the enemy castle. If fighting has been going on with the intention to cap the enemy castle there is no way you can call it illegal. We may be wrong though and you stayed in your castle for the entire war avoiding any fighting and we were just to lazy to get the banner in there.
  2. TL;DR of Magicman's posts the last 3 pages you werent even wearing plate you arent even an official clan you just dont like me i have more important things to do than fight against plebs go away glopaxi ur irrelevant this is my complaint to shine I didn't need 3 pages for that.
  3. Are you honestly trying to justify mass logging by claiming you weren't warred by a proper clan? You're not above the law just because you got some people shouting louder than others. Mind you, the only reason clans changed from the way Godwins play to the way you lot play today is because you all seek to be little Tavingtons with your own little Lannisters. Unfortunately it's always bad version of it. I can't wait for the next Teamspeak chat where you all whinge about what's killing the server now. I am sure you lot already found something to cry about. Surprise me again by blaming everyone but yourself.
  4. I believed the same about certain people
  5. PW meant Persistent World. Maybe this isn't the right game mode for you?
  6. Pubs are the ones that populate the server throughout the day and give your members a motivation to come on and skirm. Remove the plebs and you will end up having those super fun organised wars again where every clan comes on at the same time to fight each other for 10minutes.
  7. So you did not connect him at all with the clan?
  8. Is this meant to be a joke or something?
  9. What is our "law" then?
  10. Godwins will join the event - People without a clan are welcome to temporarily join the Godwins just for the event. Add one of those accounts for details:
  11. You per chance have an issue staying neutral?
  12. People vote for VoS now only to have their clan leaders tell them they won't play on that map.
  13. babe thats cos i slowed down when i saw ur name incoming and it did die once when i wasnt able to jump out of ur lance hit in sargoth - im still traumatized
  14. I mean @William
  15. I don't want a single Scorpia in the admin team yet here you are dan is a beast tho //vouch