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  1. say no more /vouch
  2. People worrying that a dead clan might rise to power on a dead server. l o l Nobody is actively putting work into the Godwins and that won't be the case for the foreseeable future. If you lot worry so much about the future of the server hand your money to Avenger instead of whinging about who is allowed to deal with complaints. Foxy is lovely though and I'm sure he'd do this job conscientiously.
  3. "yeah haha if you try this we just won't log on, you're not getting MY plate" Did you lot know PW was created to be persistent and not a NW battle simulator 2.0??? Most of you don't come online until your leaders spam bannercalls anyways. This is for between the wars and for the people who want to do something. If you don't want to lose your gear put it in your faction chest or just camp the castle like you always do. Honestly it's not that difficult.
  4. I'd suggest a one week trial period. If you're allowed to rob gear you actually have more reason to go outside of the castle because you have more to gain. I think the issue isn't with the people being scared of going outside but with the clan leaders worrying about their members losing gear.
  5. You're Jessi? The admins should certainely set up a TS interview if they even consider you. Whoever helped you with this application was very kind.
  6. Just because you're in their castle doesn't mean they're not allowed to log. Logging out during a war is not prohibited if there is no fighting happening, mass logging is. Here a complaint of someone who thought being in a castle gives him the right to keep people on for however long he likes. Funny he is part of your group. You lot don't learn. You're being a bellend and everyone can see it.
  7. Wrong. You broke our gates to get him in so he could buy a horse, he is no innocent bird. If you take your entire clan to "buy a horse" and cause trouble don't be shocked when you don't manage to leave the castle with it.
  8. 1. Yes, we only agreed to cav, that's not what I am talking about. 2. You called us out to be the burden of the team when that clearly was not the case 3. I stopped caring about your rules when it started to become obvious that they were a little one-sided. Am not going to an event to let the other side voluntarily win We weren't the reason for a "bad" event last time and we most certainely are not the reason for it this time. So do me the favour and leave us out of your discussion
  9. Last event you were whining about us, giving us fault for things we didn't even do and now you're complaining that we didn't participate? Are you high
  10. that's another inch for getting the courage to call me names and gloating about it to your friends. You're truely going places <3
  11. Why? So William can grow his e-peen and have someone else jump off a cliff again?
  12. are you retarded you knew you were meant with the halt - it doesn't matter whether it was in two different lines.
  13. Don't let admins join in the event again please
  14. I see you got them under control. And people claim we don't have order & discipline in our clan. @Desert Thunda