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  1. You got banned already, same goes for the "hacking" part.
  2. Use your brain, why would a Maester ride a courser that's nonsense.
  3. 200k xd
  4. Didn't Peasant die?
  5. I'm Train_to_Treblinka, I've been running around with this name for quite some time now noone complained about. Been on when there was a player count of 220, noone gave a shit. And now look at you trying to be a ban mongering twat.
  6. You jealous Aemon???????? Eitherway remove the Lorraine one, burger eating fat faggot Bil.
  7. You are still spreading nonsense just stop.
  8. Stop posting. You are not involved Krescher plus there were way to many people around me kicking me, involving the guy who halted me. Plus settled it with the Glovers therefor dropping it on them, still Walze and Pupilo tried to kick me off the bridge plus kept on kicking me, resulted in me loosing health.
  9. You are obviously retarded, as seen the chat was quite a cluster fuck and noticed the "halt" fairly late. Also I said "I can't", because I was constantly being kicked with no chances in being able to reach you to show you my pouch.
  10. He kinda admits it there. Eitherway @Hagaron feel free to PM about more evidence of him spreading my personal information. Lovely, editing of your message there Cree.
  11. Straight? You were being cocky all the time what do you expect? A harmless "Don't do that again, butzi butzi buu"?
  12. You still did not call out "no loot", to make sure you gain a kill reason on someone if (!) he loots. Futhermore you also said you did not see my name tag, thinking I was an enemy my video shows, that it is a blatant lie.
  13. Say good bye to your bank Albrecht!
  14. Just stop talking you are spreading utter dog shit and I can't understand shit. There was no fighting whatsoever going on as my video proofs. You are blatantly lying and loopholing right here, plus you are a known Randomer as you got permanently banned in the past for Mass RDM. Also we weren't even at war so what are you trying to quote here?!