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  1. You die down there, not from the fall damage tho but due to the water.
  2. Wtf, freedom of speech??1!ß1!
  3. Aight cool, put it up for the weekend??? Rhadaron is just ....
  4. Or you simply suck at melee. I hate it to get archer spammed.
  5. That would change the game (mod) itself, therefor everybody would need to reinstall PW.
  6. You keep missing Rave just stop :)
  7. Hahaha it's not like that I absolutley hate anime, surprises me that you seem to have knowledge how stuff works there. SEEMS LIKE YOU ARE THE ANIME shitty stick HERE. Like your artillery, shots fired but miss every time.
  8. Totally, just look at you being a fat little nerd on the internet trying to act cool whilst having no background of the other person. You are a joke as a human being. I mean, you are the one with the profile pic which only a virgin would have. haha
  9. Piss off you retarded fuck, living in a shithole called Croatia. Rave = Mal YOU CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE!11!11
  10. You guys are autistic, iliterate fucks who ain't worth a single penny.
  11. You got banned already, same goes for the "hacking" part.
  12. I should make one aswell eh
  13. Neither did I Aybak!
  14. Know him for years now, if you don't fuck up he won't treat you bad but if you do, you will face consequences (Which is needed). /vouch
  15. You jealous Aemon???????? Eitherway remove the Lorraine one, burger eating fat faggot Bil.