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  1. Isn't the forum admin only restricted to taking action against forum accounts? I won't add anything more as I largely don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to how administration works here, but my other points still stand. 2 years is a long time, and a good while to develop character. I won't say anything else, I'm not experienced enough to add anything else.
  2. I just want to throw in an outsider's perspective here, I'm as new as you'll get, I started PW yesterday on this server, but I do have management experience from other game servers. You all seem to be latching onto the fact that he abused previously, which I gather was 2 years ago(?). That's an awful long time to hold a grudge for a mistake, even if it wasn't a mistake, 2 years ago is a long time to improve character, especially if he's a teenager. And from what I can see on this post, he does seem genuinely apologetic. Besides, he's not even applying for in game admin, a forum admin can fuck shit up, but no where near the scale that an in game admin can fuck shit up. I'm not sure what kind of forum this is, but when I was a sub-forum admin on a different forum (don't want to advertise), anything that any forum admin does can be easily undone by checking a box, and clicking a few buttons. From the look of this forum, I imagine something similar is the case. If he abuses, undo what he does on the forums, remove him, easy peasy. But then again, I am new and everything I said could mean nothing, but I just wanted to pitch in. Don't hurt me for pitching in.