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  1. Zie logs: 11:18:36 - Player BLeX (GUID: 3221356) has left the server. 11:18:36 - <img=ico_headshot> BLeX 11:18:21 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Arlan_Lannister] blex halt 11:18:24 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Arlan_Lannister] show pouch 11:18:56 - *FACTION* House Lannister *Family Friendly* [Levy_Arlan_Lannister] if blex spawns back in, kill him Clear clog, as seen for his past offences which include impressionating and Clogging plus this Clog MR.BLeX is recieving a Player wipe + 2 days ban. Solved & Locked.
  2. Logs: 00:07:39 - TItus_Pullover attacked Horse (Jaegare_Ulme_Waraeger) dealing 63 damage 00:07:39 - TItus_Pullover attacked Jaegare_Ulme_Waraeger dealing 8 damage 00:16:11 - TItus_PuIlover attacked Jaegare_Ulme_Waraeger dealing 64 damage 00:16:11 - TItus_PuIlover <img=ico_spear> Jaegare_Ulme_Waraeger 00:10:32 - TItus_Pullover attacked Jaegare_Ulme_Waraeger dealing 46 damage 00:10:32 - TItus_Pullover <img=ico_spear> Jaegare_Ulme_Waraeger So there's this kid: TI(i)tus_PuIlover And this kid: Tl(L)tus_Pullover But there's also this kid: T1tus_Pullover So Mr.TItus_PuIlover(i) will be banned 3 days for RDM 2nd offence, what a fucking messy complain. Solved & Locked.
  3. Alright, < told me to halt and sheat my wep > & < didn't do anything because he was in my fac > even if he is on your faction he can halt you and demand you to do anything within the rules, which he did, and by what you wrote that you did you clearely stated that you did not comply on the sheath weapon demand, hence this complain is invalid.
  4. 19:25:36 - Kazzu attacked Ftm_Odrin_Venice dealing 37 damage 19:32:08 - Kazzu attacked Berick dealing 84 damage 19:32:08 - Kazzu <img=ico_headshot> Berick 19:44:25 - Kazzu attacked ArchMaester_Leech_York dealing 26 damage 19:44:37 - Kazzu attacked JamieMurrayXDXDXDXDXDXDXD dealing 5 damage 20:00:49 - Kazzu attacked Berick dealing 24 damage 20:00:52 - Kazzu attacked Berick dealing 38 damage 20:04:07 - Kazzu attacked Berick dealing 87 damage 20:04:07 - Kazzu <img=ico_headshot> Berick 20:11:38 - Kazzu attacked PoopStain dealing 12 damage 20:24:59 - Kazzu attacked Junius_Brutus dealing 35 damage He already got banned by DanPW. Solved & Locked.
  5. Seeing as no one answers and it's 100% clear, Mr.HejtMan will recieve a 1 day ban for illegally helping on war. Solved & Locked.
  6. Ey: Novokutsnetsk: 14:36:30 - Russ_kazachok revealed a money pouch containing about 0 coins to Bishop_Otto_of_Nantes. 14:36:31 - *LOCAL* [Bishop_Otto_of_Nantes] show pouch 14:36:41 - *LOCAL* [Russ_kazachok] no rdm pls 14:37:08 - Pope_Kreinigahn_of_Nantes attacked Russ_kazachok dealing 28 damage #Cheeky Clog: 14:37:15 - Player Russ_kazachok (GUID: 1130939) has left the server. 14:37:15 - <img=ico_headshot> Russ_kazachok 14:37:45 - Russ_kazachok has joined the game with ID: 1130939 #Kill: 14:39:50 - *LOCAL* [Russ_kazachok] heal 14:39:50 - Pope_Kreinigahn_of_Nantes attacked Russ_kazachok dealing 72 damage 14:39:50 - Pope_Kreinigahn_of_Nantes <img=ico_spear> Russ_kazachok You got halted and showed the pouch before they asked you to, once you got asked you didn't comply. Proceeded to clog, relogged 30 seconds after that and got killed. Please read the rules tovarish.
  7. For whoever is checking this, not gonna deal with this because I was involved, but took some screenies of the mighty aryan dutch faction fighting against a polish commoner. This should do: http://imgur.com/a/cmYi5 #September1939Warsaw
  8. Logs: #You log in: 12:07:51 - Knight_Noipelo_Lorraine mounted a Sumpter Horse #Steal the horse: 12:11:27 - Levy_JoKeR_Stark mounted a Sumpter Horse #Dayum suddently you got money to poll a lord: 12:11:42 - Player Levy_JoKeR_Stark started a poll: Make Bannerman_Arethar_Mormont the lord of Green Faction #HamilcarHolmes comment101: 12:12:07 - *LOCAL* [Hamilcar_Barca] You stole his horse #Kill: 12:12:13 - Knight_Noipelo_Lorraine attacked Levy_JoKeR_Stark dealing 50 damage 12:12:14 - Knight_Noipelo_Lorraine attacked Levy_JoKeR_Stark dealing 34 damage 12:12:14 - Knight_Noipelo_Lorraine <img=ico_morningstar> Levy_JoKeR_Stark Fact of you not explaining that you mounted a horse is shady, plus the fact that your invalid report history kinda suits with this, you stole his horse, end of story. Dealt with a complain similar to this one 2 days ago, and for the evidence that you provided solely with your story saying that you spawned on that castle and "randomly" mounted a horse that's pretty much stealing buddy. Don't think you would go on the streets and steal a random car because no one is there ayay? Looks to me that you clearely knew that this was banmongering, complain & stuff I don't want to push my point, but If you go for the cheeky banmongering again I will make sure that September 1939 looks like a childs book compared to the faggot that I will be with you. Invalid & Locked.
  9. Money transfered. Solved & Locked.
  10. Gents, I love you, cheers for being top. Dopped & Locked. :)
  11. 16:22:19 - *LOCAL* [Squire_Walex_Stark] Berick leave our lands never come back 16:22:47 - Squire_Walex_Stark <img=ico_spear> Berick · 28 seconds passed from his (2nd time) demand for you to leave, till he killed you, so it's pretty possible that it already disappeared on your chat log. As for when he killed you, he told you twice to leave plus you had nothing. Is not what Walex did that is shady (Walex is free of this complain) but what @arhaikos might have done during your arrest
  12. Alright, the kill on itself: 15:48:32 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine attacked Levy_BruXseleS_Stark dealing 80 damage 15:48:32 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine <img=ico_spear> Levy_BruXseleS_Stark 15:48:32 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! More fighting: 15:48:49 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine attacked Mercenary_David_Mormont dealing 40 damage 15:48:49 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine <img=ico_spear> Mercenary_David_Mormont 15:48:49 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 15:47:11 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine attacked Ftm_Arhaikos_Stark dealing 22 damage 15:47:11 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine <img=ico_spear> Ftm_Arhaikos_Stark 15:47:11 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 15:46:48 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine attacked Bannerman_Torrhen_Stark dealing 85 damage 15:46:48 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine <img=ico_spear> Bannerman_Torrhen_Stark 15:46:48 - Lord_Wookie_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 15:47:04 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Anabolika dealing 70 damage 15:47:04 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine <img=ico_swordtwo> Anabolika 15:47:04 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 15:47:17 - Paladin_Earnur_Mormont attacked Horse (Lord_Wookie_Lorraine) dealing 8 damage 15:47:22 - Levy_MouS_Lorraine attacked Levy_BruXseleS_Stark dealing 45 damage 15:47:22 - Levy_MouS_Lorraine <img=ico_swordtwo> Levy_BruXseleS_Stark 15:47:22 - Levy_MouS_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 15:48:10 - Squire_Leafa_Lorraine attacked Ugly_Woman dealing 8 damage 15:48:11 - Squire_Leafa_Lorraine attacked Ugly_Woman dealing 62 damage 15:48:11 - Squire_Leafa_Lorraine <img=ico_spear> Ugly_Woman 15:48:11 - Squire_Leafa_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 15:48:16 - Squire_Leafa_Lorraine attacked Justice_Legendary dealing 22 damage 15:48:38 - Probito attacked Knight_Falcon_Lorraine dealing 16 damage 15:48:47 - Paladin_Earnur_Mormont attacked Horse (Lord_Wookie_Lorraine) dealing 25 damage 15:48:48 - Ftm_Arhaikos_Stark attacked KingsGuard_Varus_Lorraine dealing 28 damage This really long list of fighting is not really needed, but with this and your screenshot it's totally obvious that there was a skirmish going on, hence you were on a Skirmish Zone on one of the fighting factions. Invalid & Locked.
  13. 16:21:41 - *LOCAL* [Squire_Walex_Stark] Berick leave our lands never come back 16:22:19 - *LOCAL* [Squire_Walex_Stark] Berick leave our lands never come back 16:22:21 - *LOCAL* [Berick] nice guys 16:22:47 - Squire_Walex_Stark attacked Berick dealing 64 damage 16:22:47 - Squire_Walex_Stark <img=ico_spear> Berick 16:23:27 - [Berick] walex why did you kill me? Alright, the arrest: 16:15:56 - *LOCAL* [Squire_Walex_Stark] your arrested 16:15:59 - *LOCAL* [Squire_Walex_Stark] follow me 16:16:47 - Ftm_Arhaikos_Stark attacked Horse (Berick) dealing 51 damage 16:16:47 - Ftm_Arhaikos_Stark attacked Berick dealing 23 damage 16:16:48 - Ftm_George7_Stark attacked Horse (Berick) dealing 52 damage 16:16:48 - Ftm_George7_Stark attacked Berick dealing 30 damage #Kill on itself: 16:18:07 - Ftm_Arhaikos_Stark attacked Berick dealing 8 damage 16:18:07 - Ftm_Arhaikos_Stark <img=ico_punch> Berick Alright, as I see, @Walex can consider himself free of the complain, he did tell you to leave, (actually twice) which proves on itself that you were still there, hence he had a kill reason on you. What I don't see at all is why at first did @arhaikos attack you while the arrest was going (not talking about the punch kill, but from what happened in 16:16:47)- So Mr.Arhaikos if you could explain to me what was the reason to attack him on that situation that would be nice, I saw nothing on the logs that would provide you with a valid kill reason on him.
  14. So as I understand it now, you want to get 10k refunded for someone trying to attack you. If its this, the best thing I can offer is clorox to end with your cognitive disorders in a really soft way.
  15. Alright. Them logs: 13:30:05 - Ftm_AutisticSeal_York <img=ico_blunt> King_Daniel_Dorston 13:30:05 - Ftm_AutisticSeal_York killed a member of a friendly faction! 13:32:48 - [Ftm_AutisticSeal_York] Btw daniel u did NRR see ya on forums 13:32:52 - [Ftm_AutisticSeal_York] brb xd 13:32:54 - Player Ftm_AutisticSeal_York (GUID: 2630386) has left the server. 13:32:54 - <img=ico_headshot> Ftm_AutisticSeal_York So Im kinda lost ngl, you started a fight on his castle and started to smash the door, he then proceeded to attack you and you killed him, when he respawned he said no loot and leave, but I dont see anywhere on the logs that he did neither attack you or kill you, so what are you refering to? As for fact that you logged off while a skirmish was going on, so is it this part of the logs or he killed you after this?