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  1. You may not initiate hostilities with your previous assailants unless in a war or skirmish. (You may return to help your faction members if the skirmish is still on-going, albeit you may not start the hostilities again. For example, if the skirmish is over you may not then go and attack your previous killers.) Skirmish never ended, as not all participants had died and the fighting was still on-going throughout and I never re-initiated hostilities.
  2. Insult is kill reason???? (That's a rhetorical question btw)
  3. Until everyone in the skirmish dies, it is still a skirmish regardless.
  4. Not necessarily, especially if the person continues to run and won't be able to catch up. I've had complaints valid for the same reason (Granting KOS that is)
  5. Lol, ok but you just admitted it was a skirmish and you were kos. END
  6. Skirmish inside praven, and you were getting shot at by an Ice member, so I kill you, k? As you can see from the SS there were multiple Polaks being killed by myself and faction members.
  7. You share a faction with Brandenburg don't you?
  8. Omg Noma1!! add this for my weeb friends plz in future update
  9. I'll bring this up to Max tomorrow, however we did remove a lot of pubs from the faction at the time, as I said in faction chat multiple times.
  10. didn't even know we had one of these
  11. I'm still not sure of the outcome of this yet, however you have acknowledged there was a skirmish and claimed you were even naked just going back to loot, which you would have been killed for regardless. Seems like ban mongering considering you lost nothing pal.
  12. Yes the two choke points for the new spawns to choose from how privileged! Never mind the fact you have to literally climb a fucking ladder to even get there :thinkingemoji: Just remove the ladder please, literally 2 people can hold that against 30 new spawns easily (not to mention even just having 1 archer) Just have a platform in the bastion level with the wall where you can spawn, or move the spawn elsewhere, perhaps near the armory or something. Anything is better than having to walk up a ladder naked.
  13. I'll bring this up to Cody tomorrow, but can you please explain why you won't accept a refund? You have stated that there was a skirmish, which may or may not have ended, regardless the incident wasn't intentional RDM. I'm going to assume you were naked and only came back to the castle to either loot, or try and start something but again I don't see why you need to push for a punishment when you have the option to ask for a refund for something so simple.
  14. Trying to increase the pop, not decrease it, sorry if your shitty Soviet Era PC can't run it. 200 players has been tolerable for years now, no need to decrease it, its more of a matter of how far can we push it up before it keels over and dies.
  15. I agree, we tried it for an NW server for a while went to shit, same with when it was tried here. Regardless of who is hosting or what mod it is, shit just ain't built for it. That being said, I would be fine with the server going to 215 players max or maybe 210. Requiring at least say £10 maybe? that could last for 3-6 months to get on over the limit, before having to renew it, like a subscription. Although this is only an opinion. (Don't come ree'ing at me you autists)