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  1. Simmer the fuck down pal, the only one gonna get fucked here is you, friend. people with only 4 posts shouldn't have an opinion
  2. T-E-N-S-I-O-N
  3. Yeah Dekker's, you are becoming a slacker...
  4. What are the classes/class limits? I'm assuming there is gonna be no Cavalry at all (Allow like 2 please thx)
  5. The only thing this comes close to is harassment, but even then punishing him for halting someone twice is ludicrous, when its not uncommon. Nothing in the rules prevents you from going to the outlaw camp, to train outlaw, then halt someone. As Peter points out, had he been made outlaw by a lord, then it is loop-holing...
  6. And if this is proven valid, you are denying a refund because...?
  7. Why is someone using SS tags?
  8. Stealing someone's horse, is kill reason... Learn the rules pal, thought you would have learned them by now after getting banned for CLog. Also, ban-mongering isn't advisable buddy
  9. Saxony's will find this useful...
  10. Shit talking would involve talking
  11. Pretty sure it never did, whether it is intentional or not, I ain't sure.