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  1. I couldn´t actually find too many of the PW armors since most of the armors on the current map are new ones and I don´t have access to a training server or something similar
  2. So, after using my custom texture pack on PW for a while and porting it to PK, I decided to release it for you guys. I hope some of you enjoy it :) I just tried to stick to the "native theme". Which means that Nord Armor are inspired by Viking Stuff. Sarranids by Saracens, etc. In total I changed the textures of about 50 armors/helmets, most of them were already in PW (except the Early Transitional, which is no longer plain-white). Keep in mind that I did not make these textures on my own, they are simply assets from other mods/modders.!zexFQBQY!FLkfUMMsyGby3i-anGkCePjV55X-3_ojGI4Dio_84GU
  3. Just log in as female and buy the dress. Log out again and rejoin as male - problem solved