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  1. That is commoner spawn though at least it was not sure if it was moved or not but I'd be up for something similar to Brack being added if dekkers can be arsed.
  2. You are a leader of a clan I see your concern, however I want the server to be populated all the time not just for 1-2 wars then all the clans log off, I want PK to go back to the way it was where it was always fun no matter what and babysitting clans that don't want to do anything other than sit in their castle isn't what PK/PW is to me.
  3. 100% Disagree, it is a place for people who don't want to be involved in war to be and should remain that way.
  4. The 3 outer gates used to have them it was good for taxing people to enter the town and i agree its cancer but it shouldn't be that bad xD
  5. You didn't remove NZ Portcullis did you? The keep one you should remove but the outer ones should remain imo also Laras seems undesirable now though as the 2 doors are so close together and accessible which they weren't really before for attacks they can just switch what door they break and not worry about dying since they'd spawn so close by.
  6. But I will play VoS <3 Also if you wanna teach me how to map again for the 2nd time I will make VoS great again and make Oceania again as no one seems to have the files(rip)
  7. NotLikeThis dekkers :( Fix it plz make it the VoS i know from like 5 years ago ty
  8. What is a Richfield? You mean Glunmar dude Unless its the shit Bredby version DansGame
  9. I mean to me i want VoS there is plenty of things that you could probably do like removing TW which i agree with as it is usually abused but removing the portcullis from everywhere but the keep seems a bit dumb to me, it was meant to be like that to force people to use either one entrance or find another way in eg the Sewers.
  10. I've been standing by for 2 years ._.
  11. @Hagaron How is the working in progressing going?
  12. I was in discord with him at the time and he dced from there so I assume from the game as well not to mention, who was REALLY trying to kill him, 1 archer? Also, he had no gear, he's played this mod for years like myself so he just wouldn't combat log there isn't any point. It was that much of a questionable "combat log" that even your Teamspeak didn't even know or really mention it lol
  14. Well, I am quite clearly relevant to the complaint as it was you trying to kill me which started the whole mess, secondly "big boy" I killed you plenty of times and stopped you halting anyone :) Don't be a cunt to new players and we won't be a cunt to you. You are nothing more than a bully.