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  1. Because it literally isn't an insult, it is saying someone is on the edge of their teen years. So if anything he asked all of their ages...
  2. Also the point that edgy teen means being on the edge of teenage years eg. 13 or 19
  3. Robbing and Stealing are 2 different things. All I'm saying.
  4. From the logs posted it looks more like Chinkilla was just helping Arno since Arno is the one starting the random so i don't think Chin is to blame here I'll let Kildar know so he can respond ASAP.
  5. I skant believe you said that...
  6. Don't worry friend me and Henricus have been speaking lets hope its sorted tomorrow and all this admin meeting stuff made him sleepy:'(
  7. Yeah that is what i thought
  8. Ty boss man can't wait to play it next week when i am free oh... wait...
  9. Ah ok and i guess i just need to stop letting the heat of the moment get to me, on a serious note, Zavank or whatever is pretty shit, break 1 gate then you have the spawn and can just walk over to the banner xd
  10. @Dekkers I get this bug whenever i've tried to join on this map?
  11. His point exactly Chin lad, he was probably hiding until you peaced and then decided to try leave If you didn't catch him and clear him out with the war you have to start hostilities not just kill him because he successfully lived.
  12. Its because of the Dark Theme i was using, i fixed it now i think
  13. Your in-game name when you were banned: Sanguine_One Your GUID (not required): 1607240 Why you think you were banned: Because i didn't listen to the admin Why you should be unbanned: It was just in the HEAT OF THE MOMENT i was too focused on English blood. Any other information that might be useful: That is all thank you i hope you understand
  14. He had died previously due to kildar and myself he then ran back and just attacked kildar for saying no loot.