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  1. 2 bad you were serious about this.
  2. get better internet
  3. What do you wanna hear from me exactly ? be more specific when talking to me, don't just ask dumb questions. Who are you , not sure what type of information you're requesting from me. I'm a player on your servers.
  4. I thought you would react like a mature person, however you're immature as hell. don't be stupid and stop lying.
  5. I'll put my 2 pennies here, i've known berrick for a long time. So i'll start : Berick becomes resentful when others criticize. Does not learn from criticism and carries on behaving exactly as before. He also hates problems and will do everything possible to avoid them. Reacts negatively and pessimistically in the face of problems and is unable to deal with the situation, even when supported by others, not to mention he judges people poorly and fails to apply professional experience. Always indecisive and muddled – incapable of reaching a good/fair decision, this would create serious problems. Leaves the responsibility for decision making to others. Unsuited for contact with other people because of chronic fear of new situations which might get him in trouble. For me it's a huge devouch, i guess it's up to the admins however i just want to put my 2 pennies here.