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  1. So as far as I have ever known on PW. If someone in your faction tells you, someone else is KOS. ITS ON THE PERSON THAT CALLS KOS. I even confirmed with Filip that he was KOS. If you show the logs before me killing him, it shows Filip saying that hes KOS and then confirming. I have seen multiple reports state this in the past and then the report was edited to the person that called KOS......... So again. this is on Filip Of Saxony.
  2. I got told you were KOS from Filip in faction chat. Not my fault. YOu need to change the name of the person you are reporting.
  3. I mean you got Foxy as an admin. Walex would struggle to do worse than him, VOUCH
  4. Your GUID and name: 98809 Sanguine_Chapman Reason for refund: Spawned underwater on this new map Date & Time: 21 Jan 16:18 Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): Link to the complaint (if applicable): Screenshot: Estimated amount: Idk what all that shit is worth anymore.
  5. Alright Dumbo, how did you only just hear about this complaint now, with those fucking satellite dishes on your head
  6. Do you have short term memory loss? I feel bad for the admin that has to read your posts.
  7. You are literally trying to lie. Against logs. Im glad you refused to just pay up so an admin can fucking get you off the server. YOU HAVE LITERALLY BEEN BANNED BEFORE FOR COMBAT LOGGING AND YOU HAVE NOT LEARNED HELLO THERE IS A RULE ABOUT LOGGING OUT IN COMBAT
  8. This guy then proceeded to log in and out constantly when we found him in the NZ harbour/gold selling point. After he sold the gold. He had a friend called Spectral that would just ride around telling him when we left. He claimed he just "Kept losing connection" About 4 times? We finally found him at the bank, after said logging out to avoid us. But he had already banked.
  9. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Sanguine_Chapman The person(s) you are reporting: Paladin_eVeN_of_Ice, Novice_RenoX_of_Ice, Archer_Nurthis_of_Ice The time and date of the incident: 17:00 - 26/06/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: As part of the mass RDM done by Ice. These evil people were not punished and I feel they need to be. I put this evidence on the below report, as It was during that RDM. But only 1 person got the punishment they all deserved. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Here is the original Gif of what happened, and what I put on the report that Kloney made. Just to make it clear just how much of a mass RDM this was. This is an extended gif showing that I was just watching them fight just for these monsters to try to RDM me too Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  10. Your GUID and name: 98809, Sanguine_Chapman Reason for refund: Lost my charger when logging in today Date & Time: 25/6/18 - Around 18:00 = 26/6/18 - Around 14:00 Did you take a Server Crash Refund (if applicable): Link to complaint (if applicable): Screenshot: I had logged in on the new map yesterday but didnt stay on. Had my charger when I logged off inside NZ. I logged in today and had peasant bug. Relogged and no horse :( I asked in admin chat and got told by Akreal to make a refund request This is the last screen I had from it when we slayed the Englands on the last map. This was on 24/06/18 Second screen shows the date recorded on, via shadowplay Estimated amount: Around 16k for a charger I believe
  11. You died to halting, then ran straight back to the same location thinking we wouldn't halt you again. Like how dumb do you have to be.
  12. This was during them RDM'ing Kloney Just to clarify thats Renox, Nurthis, and eVeN all attacking me. If an admin wants me to I can put up a separate complaint.
  13. I have other members of my family in the same house as me. It got unplugged by accident and got plugged in asap. Its pretty obvious thats its a dc just from your video.
  14. My router got unplugged. Knew someone would report.. On my screen I had already ran all the way back to the hill before I realised that I had been dc'ed That is discord on the right, I print screened after I realised I had dced.
  15. There is no rule about not being able to demand people to bow. Thanks for posting irrelevant shit on this report. You got banned for killing someone that was allowed to leave.
  16. Tyrek is not a current lord in Jerusalem. This is invalid.
  17. Warzones: Any area where two factions are engaging in is considered a war zone, you travel through there at your own risk. War rules: When declaring a war you need to clearly state once in global chat that you are declaring on the given faction, and include the reason e.g "Declaring War on The Kingdom of Swadia - Reason: Land". When declaring war on another faction, a legitimate capture attempt must be made within 30 minutes, or the war must be peaced. The valid attempts must be renewed every 30 minutes. A valid attempt means that it must be in respect of your faction's size. You cannot war a faction which has no land. The defending faction may redeclare within a 30-second timer without the need to state it in the chat. Default wars from server restarts are not seen as legitimate wars and will, therefore, be considered RDM. At least 70% of your faction must be in your castle or the Mercenary camp before you declare. You may not have banners in or close to the enemy castle. War may not be used to hide RDM. You may not login at a banner point to capture a castle during an active war. There is no rule about interfering in war btw
  18. Just when I thought I was done with this shit. I now have just realised you are trying to lie on a complaint. Just to ban monger. You gave these screens as evidence of me "Constantly halting you" Yet as my video shows, you were insulting. Thus giving us a kill reason.
  19. That was twice, and you were insulting us from inside the spawn. Insult from across the map, then when people come to legally halt and demand you to do something, Run away die and screenshot your life away. How to play as a Byz or Vg in a nutshell. Nice job "Working on your life" cunt. Fucking try and disband VG too. Maybe then you will realise how much of a pathetic waste of space you are. Now unlike you. Im going to go and get on with my life. Instead of re-opening this fucking cry for attention that you obviously missed out on growing up. Benji didnt lose any gear/money/time from us halting him. We halted him due to him and his fuck boys trying to throw insults over the global chat like its their fucking careers. Im done looking on here.
  20. When all he is doing, is sitting there and flaming global, Im not really wasting his time. Im just allowing him to insult me in local instead. We were on our way back to Praven, and Benji keeps respawning and intefering in us talking/halting people around merc camp. What else am I meant to to do someone that is just getting in the way and flaming? Ask them nicely to stop?.... After seeing your attempt at a report earlier I would prefer if you didnt look into the logs thanks. I would rather another admin deal with it.
  21. You sit and spout shit in the global chat. I could have just killed you over and over. Instead I decided to engage with the community and do our wonderful server a justice in an attempt to clean the streets of your kind. Instead of just complying with a simple demand of Bowing. Benji decided to constantly refuse and die. He could have easily just complied and after 1 sec of complying I would have been forced to let him go. Instead he refused. Also I do not know why you are lieing saying When I did not horse bump you as I was on foot for the majority of my halts. And alot of the time you got horse bumped was when you refused the demand and became KOS. The fact that you are wasting mine, the admin and your time is fucking pathetic.
  22. You are wrong with the other account part. its @Plop
  23. I think the above comments speak for themselves. You also have 2 very concerning parts of your steam profile that I dont think would make you a good fit as an admin at all. /Devouch.
  24. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Lord_Carloman_Jerusalem The person(s) you are reporting: Levy_Shekelstein_Jerusalem The time and date of the incident: 17:35 - 04/06/2018 What you are reporting them for: Combat Log The full story: We found this impersonator. He clogged from our mighty King. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs. Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  25. Saptors replacement /Vouch