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  1. We actually got to and built the only non-bugged ladderpoint and got into Nordheim. The attack was called off first after we almost had reached the courtyard. Don't ask me for the reason, but I think it partly was to see if Nordheim was OP. Ragnosos probably have proof for his remarks thanks to that attack. The attack happened after the Lannisters siege against Helheim (See the first clips from Ragnosos video). Most of the Lannisters had logged off when Starks declared war. I think it was 10-20 Lannisters online when war was declared before arriving at Nordhem. It was about 30 Lannisters online when we had arrived and when we entered it had risen to about 40 Lannisters online and it was about 40 Starks online.
  2. Nothing was intended, it's all in your head.
  3. Isn't the spawn/house behind the stables in Helheim bugged? You can get inside the inner area via the windows, the inner area is only blocked if you try to run inside via the entrance.
  4. Scheduled events can be prepared on beforehand. These random events takes more time to prepare than actually it takes for the event itself.