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  1. It is widely known that Tav invented everything that was ever good on this server.
  2. doesnt work!!!! tav employs at least 4-5 foreigners as translators just so he can get kill reasons when polaks,arabs or ruskies insult him. its basically the main reason lonely and piotes weren't kicked
  3. Hey,calling them monkeys is rude. Really dumb apes,like mandrills or gibons, is more like it.
  4. whats the point the french will win
  6. Why don't you ask the creator of that mod for the models if you want them in PK?
  7. Pick a new name,your current one is probably taken
  8. The idea was to do bi weekly map wipes and monthly bp wipes. However,as this wipe cycle has proved,2 weeks are too much because people get bored. So the server will probably be a 1 week map wipe and 2 weeks bp wipe cycle. Next wipe will be on this Thursday. It will be a full wipe,meaning both map and bps will wipe. This is a forced wipe,meaning it is forced by the game developers every first Thursday of the month because that's when the monthly update happens. I'm tagging @Avenger just to confirm.
  9. Most definitely a bug. Extremely annoying. Fix.
  10. oof
  11. don't make me link the video of you getting whacked by a naked with a branch
  12. Lol while all of you cucks are playing this shit mod on a shit map,I'm over here extorting sulfur from Tommy and like 6 others NO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT TAXATION
  13. Its not painted,but it's art none the less. We love you @Krea <3
  14. this would greatly upset gunzo
  15. this just made me laugh uncontrollably because its such a perfect representation of the average person who voted for vos