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  1. He wasn't attempting to submarine tho. He just suicided to prevent the guy he stole from getting the gold back,which isn't forbbiden and is commonly used by salty people. It never was and never should be a punishable offense.
  2. Last time VoS was on we all trained archer and shat on everyone. Have a feeling no one was really smiling back then and they won't be smiling this time either.
  3. Yes,the spanish adopted the burgundy cross after inheriting the lowlands but that doesn't mean that a clan called burgundy can't use it? that's like me saying that spanish people can't speak spanish because mexicans speak spanish and it'd be a bit weird besides,anyone whos ever played eu4 knows that the burgundian cross is the real burgundy banner
  4. He just let the guy reporting know that he was permbanned.
  5. Submarining refers to the ability of walking underwater thanks to server lag when the server is full. I am not sure if this 'bug'/'glitch' is still present in PK,but it definitely was in PW.
  6. Quote me the part of the ruleset he broke please. Exact rule he broke please. Thanks.
  7. No,don't close and move. I still want clarification if the guy was actually breaking the rules there. @MrOtto The guy that lost the gold bar SHOULD NOT receive a refund since no rules were broken.
  8. Softis is a salty little child who regularly gets fucking roasted in global by myself,aellion and the likes so he has the need to vent his rage out by de-vouching an application that he has no say on anyways. On the whole point of "shitposting means you're not good enough to be an admin": I'd argue the opposite. To be an admin you need to be able to shitpost. Some of the best admins this server has ever had are avid shitposters. The likes of Michael and Burgundy are a perfect example. Shitposting is a sign of high intelligence and conversational skills.
  9. Me and Anabolika were attacking the gate because Maxxio was fighting some of your clan inside. We then got inside and rescued the Kings Hand while also robbing you of your tin LIKE THE HEROES WE ARE! I personally would be extremely insulted by being called a 'keyboard warrior' so I can COMPLETELY understand Anabolika. Just because you don't consider it an insult doesn't mean that we don't. It just goes to show how INSENSITIVE you are! Shame.
  10. ur laughing now but i'll be the one laughing when times comes to archer spam
  11. Seeing as the server provides entertainment to autistic people it can in a way be considered a charity?
  12. @Avenger Any way we can get an ETA on the server?
  13. There were too many props so Dekkers just removed one of the walls so we can all get better fps. Thanks Dekkers!