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  1. Ruffian is able to counter any class unless you suck at the game with the stats shown there, that is probably why
  2. I didn't even know I voted lol Anyway, I don't recall removing it, but maybe we did because we buffed Ruffian? Not sure, been a while
  3. The admin team was just as shit when you were part of it person with shit on his stick
  4. listen up kid I know where your dog barks and where your bed sleeps I'll fuck u up if u dont take that back u lil bitch i kil u and ur mom fkin hooker bitch fuck u
  5. Ah yes, that makes sense @William noob
  6. The new ones don't make sense anyway. We added the real names so that this map would make sense, so idk where it went wrong. I didn't edit the map this time tho, so leave me out
  7. Your mom doesn't like you
  8. Hello, I dont need a new one?!?!?
  9. Oh boy Equality has come to PK
  10. TP inside castles is a no go PK's community in 2018 will just use those to hide in when the siege is not ''fair'' in their minds Which is like half the time
  11. you're a person with shit on his stick you know that
  12. Good!!!
  13. This map isn't large lmao and fix those roads wth, they're way too wide
  14. Hahahahahahahaha KID and yes I realise the hypocrisy of me pointing that out, kys
  15. But I am a Lannister?!?
  16. That is just awfully rude
  17. Definetly gay, but pretty?!?!?!?
  18. ye wtf my editor broke down help stop harassing me ur mom is hot
  19. I am retired partner
  20. Which is exactly why you shouldn't want horse archery, because all those useless cunts will use it, just like useless cunts do on mercs And yes that means I am calling you a useless cunt person with shit on his stick
  21. Not that I really care, but if you can hold a castle 30v70 I would lean towards it being OP rather than it being too weak, especially when you consider how trash clans are now a days
  22. not 7k, but we did raise the prices in the past (using the editor), so with PKs adjusted prices it will probably have gone up too much. I believe they used to be 3 or 4k at the time.
  23. You can change what ever u want man
  24. I like the changes you made so far. Not sure what you mean with the low graphics, though. Looks fine to me. Perhaps, if it isn't the skybox, it could be the fog? I always add a tiny bit of fog, so I reckon that the prop is still there.