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  1. would love to but but There is not much to suck then hahaha fkin original
  2. 1v1 me kid
  3. I didn't convert it pal, I'm retired
  4. //Voted YES because you can't eat when ur belly is full unless you're @Tommy or @Benji maybe it should be scripted so they're the exception!?!??! Dek out
  5. I started working on a scene that is based on The North from Game of Thrones. This scene is a work in progress and everything you will see below can still be changed. This map is just a test, so it might not even be used. The map is really large, just like the North and contains the following factions: White Harbor, Moat Caillin, Winterfell, The Dreadfort, Last Hearth, Deepwood Motte and a village. There is a silver island on the bottom left, with three boats that allow you to acces it. All screenshots were taken on low graphics! ________________________________________________________________________________ Overview ________________________________________________________________________________ Factions Faction 1 - White Harbour Faction 2 - Moat Caillin The Outlaw Camp (right) bottom) and the Village Faction 3 - Winterfell Faction 4 - The Dreadfort Faction 5 - Last Hearth Mercenary Camp - Stannis' abandoned camp Faction 6 - Deepwood Motte Battle of the Bastards ______________________________________________________________________ Feel free to share constructive critisism
  6. I don't really play anymore, but it should be the first message (in-game chat) that you get. Press L (logs) when you're in, you should be able to see it at the top somewhere
  7. He means in-game
  8. If it is true that they don't appear on most maps anymore (which is possible, I don't remember which items I added specifically) then it makes sense for them to be added to the shop, yish
  9. Why are you evidently so obsessed with the admin team tho? You take literally every chance you get to assault them. It's like attacking a cripple with no arms (like attacking me basicly) so why bother? Don't even dare denying it either That aside: the suggestion isn't that bad anyway, but it is annoying to enforce. Besides, it makes sense that anyone can steal and it forces people to ask others to guard them.
  10. Vouch
  11. Making that turk an admin would sum up the situation this community is in pretty much
  12. Ruffian is able to counter any class unless you suck at the game with the stats shown there, that is probably why
  13. I didn't even know I voted lol Anyway, I don't recall removing it, but maybe we did because we buffed Ruffian? Not sure, been a while
  14. The admin team was just as shit when you were part of it person with shit on his stick
  15. listen up kid I know where your dog barks and where your bed sleeps I'll fuck u up if u dont take that back u lil bitch i kil u and ur mom fkin hooker bitch fuck u
  16. Ah yes, that makes sense @William noob
  17. The new ones don't make sense anyway. We added the real names so that this map would make sense, so idk where it went wrong. I didn't edit the map this time tho, so leave me out
  18. Your mom doesn't like you
  19. Hello, I dont need a new one?!?!?
  20. Oh boy Equality has come to PK
  21. TP inside castles is a no go PK's community in 2018 will just use those to hide in when the siege is not ''fair'' in their minds Which is like half the time
  22. you're a person with shit on his stick you know that
  23. Good!!!