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  1. The admin team was just as shit when you were part of it person with shit on his stick
  2. listen up kid I know where your dog barks and where your bed sleeps I'll fuck u up if u dont take that back u lil bitch i kil u and ur mom fkin hooker bitch fuck u
  3. Ah yes, that makes sense @William noob
  4. The new ones don't make sense anyway. We added the real names so that this map would make sense, so idk where it went wrong. I didn't edit the map this time tho, so leave me out
  5. Your mom doesn't like you
  6. Hello, I dont need a new one?!?!?
  7. Oh boy Equality has come to PK
  8. TP inside castles is a no go PK's community in 2018 will just use those to hide in when the siege is not ''fair'' in their minds Which is like half the time
  9. you're a person with shit on his stick you know that
  10. Good!!!
  11. This map isn't large lmao and fix those roads wth, they're way too wide
  12. Hahahahahahahaha KID and yes I realise the hypocrisy of me pointing that out, kys
  13. But I am a Lannister?!?
  14. That is just awfully rude
  15. Definetly gay, but pretty?!?!?!?