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  1. not 7k, but we did raise the prices in the past (using the editor), so with PKs adjusted prices it will probably have gone up too much. I believe they used to be 3 or 4k at the time.
  2. Good points tbh That's how you provide feedback ppl
  3. That's a good thing
  4. There's one at "gatehouse" and a new one under "cm" somewhere
  5. That was meant to be a christmas special xd And I made the original too ! ! !
  6. Looks good
  7. Stop doing stuff, are you ill?
  8. Fucking nerds
  9. You can change what ever u want man
  10. I like the changes you made so far. Not sure what you mean with the low graphics, though. Looks fine to me. Perhaps, if it isn't the skybox, it could be the fog? I always add a tiny bit of fog, so I reckon that the prop is still there.
  11. Ye I figured rip
  12. You don't even have to generate terrain, just use ''Game of Thrones'' or ''Base of Ice'' or what ever those are called and copy paste their scene codes. I used ''Game of Thrones'' for Skyrim, just for reference. I am talking about the already existing (empty) scene called Game of Thrones. Having said that, I do think you ought to change to a larger scene. You can then just redo the terrain as you did it, but then on a larger scene. I would also do the rivers at the end btw, because if you do the rivers beforehand they will only restrict you. Mountains are more important than rivers aswell, because they actually make scenes feel larger.
  13. Marko showed me new water aswell yesterday, now that you mention it. You should message him if you want to see it.