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  1. couldn't care less about the amount of posts I have fegit I don't get in-game gold for it do I!!!?!??!?!? E: hahahhaa out of all people Tommy liked your post hahahahahah ahahaha
  2. k I'll delay finishing it for another 6 months because of this very rude comment
  3. without the internet forum that they can use to report each other ye that'd be funny tho
  4. Worked on it a lil' bit Added a church near the non-viking factions Started working on one of the mines Adding a little mountain-ish pass by the coast Going to add gold or silver here later, so that there's a point in sailing. I might add some stranded ships or some other things later. I am not sure about the weather yet. Most people prefer a clear sky and daylight, but I think clouds and fog suit the scene more. We'll see about that later, though.
  5. Judging from the screenshots I'd say remove Old Port instead of Sargoth. Most people dislike the sarranid influences anyway. You could maybe even open the area up to make your scene feel larger and have some more open ground Just some ideas though. Right now you can only cross the river at one point really (main crossing 2) and a lot of space seems to be wasted on the left side where you have those mountains
  6. the only reason I come back every now and then is because I need to inhale enough autism to feed my catz
  7. You really can't tell what the scale will be like, but I imagine that if it were to be huge maps and 500 players that there would simply be more admins
  8. die
  9. yep
  10. Well by the looks of the ep19 promo that episode will actually contain lots of fighting, which is gut
  11. ye, they're building it up for the fight with the much larger kingdom of Wessex I imagine, but if that fight isn't fkin dank then you can easily say that the whole second half of the season has been shit and ye Ivar does get cringy a lot, I liked him at the start, but the more he talks the more annoying he gets. All the sons of Ragnar apart from Ubbe and Björn kinda annoy me atm
  12. That fight tho so fkin shit Flashbacks from the battle of winterfell are hitting me hard
  13. Ep 18