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  1. You can easily put up a fight with 14 too, but you won't be able to loot heavy gear which would defeat the point It should be 15 ye, but it will have less weapon proficiencies
  2. 14 or 15, I dont remember I think it was 15
  3. We have improved Ruffian quite noticably. It is still worse than footman and sergeant but it can defo compete with them Unless u cant block
  4. Dismounted Knight (Infantry) and Mounted Knight (Cavalry) are the only new classes we plan on adding. Both these classes have 16 strength and will be able to wear top tier armor. (Plate + Churburgs + Sultan Armor) They have more points in 2h and polearm, but less in 1h. They are also a lot slower (3 atheltics for Dismounted Knight, which is 2 less than Sergeant) The idea of these classes is that those who want to play more like a tank and look 'special' can train them, but we hope and expect that the majority of players will train sergeant and therefor not wear plate armor. This way your average player should look more like a 'common' foot soldier and only a few players will look like knights in full plate armor (that is the idea atleast) We'll see how it turns out
  5. Most castles on most maps only have around 3-4 ladders and a breachable gate, I fail to see your point
  6. With PK in development I felt like it is the perfect time to improve on older scenes where necessary. The scenes I will be working on for now will be Rhadaron and Skyrim. Feel free to suggest anything you'd like to see improved on Skyrim. Bare in mind that this is the updated version and not the old one that I consider to be outdated. Updates so far: Removed trees and useless props around the map to improve performance Updated the outer terrain Updated Nordheim. I made the walls taller and added 3 ladderpoints like in the old versions. 2 at the front, 1 at the back. I did keep the much better looking lay out that it has. Hopefully Nordheim will be as attractive to clans as it used to be! Removed gold (fewer props) --> silver is still there. Removed 1 ladder from the outer wall of Praven so it has 3 (I will try to give most castles 3 ladders on the outter walls if possible) and I updated the outside to make it better looking
  7. fuck off kebab coder!!
  8. I was actually thinking about giving new players some shekels to start with (idk with how much they start atm) I won't even try to get you to abandon your goleds lol
  9. Did you read my previous post?
  10. The only issue I personally have with transferring the banks is that the existing player base will have a noticable head start over the new players that might give the mod a try. We'll see how we deal with that tho
  11. Weird, never noticed that myself
  12. Yes E: Unless we change our mind for what ever reason, unlikely tho
  13. Editor mode always fucks FPS, for everyone
  14. I didn't implement them anyway xddd @Tommy did