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  1. We did discuss this but we ended up not implementing it because of a few reasons: We weren't sure whether to implement it as props or add ambient sounds in the form of music We wanted to push a release It is very hard to find OSP sounds that are suitable for this
  2. I added a bed for Jerusalem? Both in the tavern and the "keep" lordsroom thing
  3. Nice, I knew I forgot 1 thing
  4. I did, in the shop, but available to everyone
  5. Yes I fixed the gates, update goes up on Wednesday
  6. Message Henricus to fix it den you noob Also, the map update will not be put on tomorrow. Reason: big boy @William is already in bed (hahaha) and I only just finished the update
  7. Did your ban not get reduced to a single day? Read Henricus' reply man
  8. You lose most (nearly all) castles when you lose the first gate anyway, but I moved the bannerpoint regardless
  9. Ye to get rid of that bug you gotta stop bullying England
  10. Added horse resting to Zvansk or something like that, the one in the middle Moved Zvansk's capturepoint Replaced chairs with sittable chairs Gave the village gates and added a faction that controlls the village, seperate from the shop faction, so people can fight over the village while leaving the shop alone. This is a bit of an experiment, we'll see how it turns out. Fixed Kerak's gates Fixed Jerusalem's footman and traveler training
  11. Please do, I really cba with this updating anymore xd
  12. Appears is the magic word There is nothing I dislike more than people criticising castles without actually been sieged... If only you knew how often I get people doing this I do not nerf/buff castles based on just assumptions unless I feel like it.
  13. Ah that, I thought I had fixed it but apparently not Will fix it, thanks for reporting
  14. Yes... totally