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  1. Why would you want to promote food? Being dependant of other classes, whether that would be a serf or a doctor, is about as annoying as it gets. Especially when the server population is low. Doctors should be there for when players lose HP after spawning. Atleast, in that case, you're a lot less dependant on them.
  2. You're getting RDM'd by Lannister clan now
  3. Promoting one does not necessarily mean it discourages the other. I don't really care. Depends on what bannerlord will be like aswell. Maybe armour will be less useless in comparison to armour in M&B, which is more like extra HP rather than actual protection.
  4. At the outlaw camp Just a wild guess!!!
  5. Getting inspired by the best I see!!! very good
  6. M&B is poorly optimised, not PW Same will go for Bannerlord. The game needs to peform well, so that mods will too. Make a map in native with the same amount of props as a PW map and it will lag just as much when 200 people are playing on it
  7. "Basics of PW" and it doesn't even warn you about a toxic, cancerous community Wtf
  8. Wat
  9. Avalon in the Stormlands had a whorehouse, but no one visits it
  10. nah, the outlaw camp is under a bridge-ish thing as can be seen on the screenshot. There will be an interiour prop for the bank and for the assassins' hide out - that'll be it Adding a proper tunnel system while I am already reaching the max amount of props I want to use is a no go. Bare in mind, this map also has several taverns and markets, not to mention all the extra houses. FPS will be an issue. The only question is how much of an issue it will be
  11. Tripple post lol don't care come at me Tommy or Bridge City overview:
  12. Why are the spoilers so broken on this shit forum lol Also, just so you lot know: none of the chests will be faction locked. However, they will be in rooms with a faction locked door. This way thieves can, if they are sneaky beaky, make good goleds and steal many tin
  13. Made some progress Iron abbey (church faction) --> Interiour finished, including a mini armoury, chest room and training room
  14. All maps are and you autists hate change so we're all good
  15. its ok Rowan I roasted him so hard that he is triggered now lets leave him alone so he can blow off some steam boii