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  1. Start server war and actually perm ban anyone who is weak yes
  2. ahahaha this community never fails to amaze me hly shit
  3. well someone has to make a call on that
  4. kek what arrows tho; do you want to stick with broadhead (if they're called that) or get normal arrows or something worse?
  5. you triggered absolutely no one lol but ye something should change IMO as it seems most of us agree that something has to be done - the question is; what
  7. it is my business when I play with 20 fps u fegt
  8. Nice castles but are you sure you haven't used too many props?
  9. John is totally not obsessed with crusaders
  10. If castles arent "op" clans will simply refuse to play the map. That is apparently the case with my newest map according to my sources!! Lol
  11. Because several people actually concidered this and concidering recent events I too think it's something to concider. Maybe not as over the top as completely removing it but "nerfing" archers in a different way would benefit us all I think. E: Can't say concider often enough lol
  12. What hasn't been done yet? Would be a shame to give up completely
  13. just because you're an edgy nazi doesn't mean that jokes on ur clan leader aren't funny Hans Thats not how the internet works