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  1. Lannister leadership when seeing that Isaac won:
  2. A 2v3 against poorly equipped Lannisters lol I was expecting that video from Mous, atleast that one was truelly emberassing
  3. I am doing mental damage to you, watching wood burn yes
  4. Lannister levy > Pleb It is known
  5. The merc section is much cooler
  6. ye
  7. I honestly wouldn't blame the admin team if they stopped doing events altogether after yesterday What the actual fuck happened there
  8. but Titan isn't winning xdd
  9. Like with most changes this autistic community just has to get used to it. I still think it's an improvement, although it has some minor downsides. I haven't seen anyone complain about it for a while now. If so, it's definetly a minority
  10. The propaganda machine is at work!!!
  11. They WHENT away HAHAHAHA
  12. Achieved bannerman BUT COULD NOT EVEN ACHIEVE FREEDOM haha toasted
  13. I am not going to comment about what people's opinions are, everyone is allowed to have their opinion and critisism is welcome, however, you can not blame the map for clans going to war REALLY early and then mass logging after. The server population did reach 130+ today, but after one war and some skirmishes the Allyrians decided to mass log, followed by the Boltons. The NSE never even bothered to show up. The map was used before and last time everyone seemed to be fine with it. The server population was also normal last time. So I find it hard to believe that the map is the real issue here.