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  1. there is already a Brandenburg banner fam This one, while it looks kinda nice, will look very odd with the shield (because the... clock? isn't in the center) Idk if you made it yourself, but if you did, put the clock or what ever that is lower and maybe get rid of the text, personally not a fan of text in a banner
  2. I wish people could delete posts on their own topics
  3. Yes I am pretty sure there is literally a byrnie in every armory, either the blue, green or red one
  4. Redesigned a small area of Osvirklif, so that you can defend the walls properly. Osvirklif might be too strong now, with only one ladderpoint and two gates, but nerfing is easier than buffing, so we'll see how it plays out. I did replace the gates after taking this screenshot tho, so that you can not shoot the people attacking them from behind the actual gates aswell
  5. Ah, I wasn't aware of that
  6. Nearly all castles have alternative weaker arrows with more stock
  7. Image doesn't work, I can't see it E: nvm got it to work, anyway, just white, seems to me it can't find the actual textures, so I imagine something went wrong with installing Macs xd
  8. We did not change anything in regards to shield skill, as far as I recall
  9. I would recommend joining a faction and then training serf, rather than going commoner serf. The people of this faction (preferably a clan) will then leave you alone as you will be helping them by serfing. They will likely even protect you if they see you getting halted. You should also stay close to the castle (farms, not further) when serfing. If you go for an iron mine trip with a cart, get some guards to come along. If you get killed by someone who doesn't speak at all, you likely got 'Randomed', meaning that someone broke the rules by killing you (unless you were in a faction that was at war and the person killing you was in the faction your faction was at war with) If you give me your in-game name I will also give you some money, like 50k or so.
  10. Did you try going to steam --> steam library / right click on M&B:Warband / features or propertiess (idk what translation it uses, but it's at the bottom) / local files / find in local files This should take you to where M&B:Warband is installed, so you can then manually chuck the module in
  11. I consider outlaws to be fine the way they are now I see small groups of outlaws, they exist, there aren't too many of them, all is good
  12. I genuinly don't know why it was done before. I believe it was an experiment taken too far. As for the shop being used less, that is possible, but it's not really be meant to be used a lot. It is preferable over central shops in the actual scenes tho. Fewer props and all that. The shop is really meant to offer what the scenes will not. Rares and very basic stuff.
  13. I agree that stats should be there Katana price is meant to be high. It's different than anything out there, if you find it too expensive get a normal longsword. The helmets and plates are also rares, the same logic applies, although the helmet prices were kept lower as the body armors already cost quite a lot. I agree that the winged greathelm should be there Long axes and other weapons that you can buy in the actual scenes shouldn't be there. The shop is for rares and very basic stuff (hence the priest ropes and some other civilian clothing), not so you can relog to quickly arm yourself. Idk why those were ever added in the old shop.
  14. Next Monday