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  1. '' Marcin Lorraine, France '' Cockroach who crossed Turkish border despite Turkey being so amazing according to the Turks spotted
  2. Never trust a frog Especially when he plays Call of Duty
  3. ye haha fix ur shit fashion conscious individuals
  4. Yes we are nigguh
  5. Henri knows he loves me
  7. This community is fucked anyway People just refuse to accept that having a defensive playstyle, with the only goal being to keep your stuff and not lose online battles, will never make the overal experience more enjoyable, for anyone
  8. I like that people state that this would prevent people from leaving their castles, as if people leave their castles as it is
  9. I am burned out in terms of scening man. I only did this because William asked and the fixes were very minor
  10. The throne room door will remain for commoners as the throne room can be used to shoot on the cappers. That's just there for aesthetics basicly. Fixed the outlaw door, the armory door, added the mining pickaxes and woodcutting axes, also added saddles, horse armor and a wheat stock to Kerak. Lowered the terrain around the boat. If you notice people submarining to get on just report them. Added a commoner pole to the merc camp
  11. I can't believe an actual staff member wrote this post... The old rulesets of PW tried to cover everything imaginable, all it caused was people abusing the ruleset constantly and simply copy pasting the ruleset on complaints and then saying: ''Look, what I said is not written here!!!'' resulting in many confusing complaints and the ruleset becoming so large that even @Bridge Troll, who seems to enjoy writing essays, wouldn't want to read it.
  12. I won't be participating but I recommend changing the skybox to one with clear skies and the being right above you, so that there aren't many shadows and the map is bright Good luck niggus
  13. I am fairly sure that in full plate armor this would actually be possible tho