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  1. no lol
  2. This is a suggestion for Kingdoms and not PW tho Fuckin inbreds
  3. Fixed, thanks for reporting
  4. @Hamilcar Barca
  5. and people wonder why I complain so much in the chat I'd be mad if I got killed by someone stabbing 1m next to me lol
  6. Why would you even want to be like the real ones
  7. omg pippi activate brain
  8. Rumour goes even maces bounce off Tommy
  9. oh god
  10. Less advanced? You underestimate turk devs fam
  11. Tbf doing the castles is the only thing that's actually fun xddd
  12. Not
  13. oui Replace the bottom line with one of the following: outer_terrain_plainouter_terrain_snowouter_terrain_steppeouter_terrain_town_thir_1outer_terrain_castle_9outer_terrain_desertouter_terrain_desert_bouter_terrain_beachouter_terrain_plain_2outer_terrain_snow_2outer_terrain_steppe_2sea_outer_terrain_1sea_outer_terrain_2outer_terrain_pw_1
  14. Did you rename your module to PW_4.5? If it is not called exactly that, servers will not show up