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  1. Yes, London has fallen It is known
  2. Are you Sadiq Khan looking for some power on the internet aswell by any chance??????
  3. comin' str8 from the underground
  4. Turtlegasms are the best thing on the internet
  6. I decided to install PW one day...
  7. no, you can be alone vs 80 or you can have 79 friends and you vs a random guy stupid nerd
  8. Well that's a no
  9. You state yourself that you are likely unknown, so all we can look at is your app: the first thing I notice is that you failed to answer with a text that isn't bold, which looks quite bad. I am not going to devouch because of it, but you surely could put in more effort
  10. Memories *plays song* *flashbacks of starks logging off after yet another defeat*... *sound of bodies dropping as their users disconnected*... feelz bad
  11. Haha! Hey buddy, well written app, you surely are a top class comedian, friend!
  12. did u drop the complaint or were you dropped as a kid? hue
  13. u got scammed ma niggah
  14. And now that I redesigned it a bit the gates decided to drop properly aswell, yey