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  1. Couldn't be arsed to send William the update for the two days the map would still be up
  2. I'll have a look E: Moved archer and footman training to the side and spread the sergeant, MAA, doctor and healer trainings a bit further out
  3. Edited the area around the capturepoint for Hollow Bastion Hold. You can now get upstairs, but you can only shoot at the capturepoint from one angle, which should prevent it from becoming too OP. Moved the commoner spawns to the bank, closer to the merc camp aswell, but not too close to the village Added a tavern to Mount Hellstone Added a horse resting point to the outlaw camp Added commoner crossbowman to the village (next to commoner doc training) so pls @Hagaron be quiet now
  4. ye, I will fix this shortly I also still have to add a tavern to Mount Hellstone, which I forgot E: Fixed both, used the spawn room of Mount Hellstone to add a tavern
  5. Were you even on today? Concider this a virtual smack: Montibeil is quite strong, like most castles on this map: it's not ''OP'' tho. Even when you concider how easily you lot throw the term OP around
  6. I am fairly sure this would improve performance aswell if possible, even if it's slightly Not sure if it's possible tho
  7. Idk, I'll check in the editor later and if not, I'll add one
  8. Like Fixou said, there are two ladders (quite far away from each other) that allow attackers to go around the tunnel. Holding the outer walls (tunnel) would mean you have to divide your force in 3 to cover it all and once one place falls (the tunnel or one of the ladderpoints) the whole defence falls, as attackers will simply walk around many defenders and get to the keep. People really shouldn't judge so quickly without knowing everything.
  9. You can hold the keep stairs and the door in the storage room without taking fire? You don't have to hold the actual banner. Also, I am fairly sure some of the other castles are stronger than Osvirklif.
  10. Already fixed that (see my previous post) What? The location of the banner is quite logical. I don't see the issue? The only point of a throne room is to basicly provide shekels for the faction lord, having it further away only makes it harder for thieves to individual who is good with money. As for the tavern, you can easily transfer food if you want it closer: either use a cart or use the item chests that are near the capturepoint. The extra keep is mostly for looks, as a small circle would look silly, adding a tavern and a throne room there made sense, as it actually gives the place a purpose. At first I was concidering putting the capturepoint there, but that seemed a bit too OP to me, as that keep prop is hard to assault and it was not possible to make it so that you could attack it properly. Nerf what? I merely fixed a broken gate and added a new gatehouse prop that is easier to hold, with gates that drop properly: that is arguably a buff.
  11. I can't, the keep props that are on the sides of the small gatehouse prop are too wide, so if I make the tunnel wider it will collide with the keep prop and look retarded I could use the tunnel without support tho E: and I can't make the keep props less wide as I will then have a gap next to the gatehouse prop
  12. Put invisible walls behind the lockpickable doors so that no one can enter even when they're lockpicked. I'd replace them if there were good looking square doors, but unfortunately that is not the case Fixed Osvirklif's gates and replaced the gatehouse The reason why I replaced the gatehouse prop is because the old one was bugged, causing arrows to get stuck by invisible walls. I had forgotten about this bug, which also appeared on Rhadaron.
  13. I hate this community