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  1. Yeah you stop lying, you were trying to launch us away with the cart, which is considered glitching which is a killreason. Why you did that I don't know since you already dropped the money. As far as I know, Cedrick didn't look into your cart, we're not dumb we know that's illegal when halted. Here some screenshots.
  2. Well most of the time you bump someone it's when entering a castle right
  3. If only it were... But nah don't believe so. Kinda have the feeling you drown faster even.
  4. Isn't submarining logging in and out while in the water so you don't drown?
  5. Well I don't want to give the impression that I'm fighting off statements, but answer any questions that players might have. Unfortunately most of the comments consist of statements which can only be answered with statements or not answered at all. But again, if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them. Maybe I do get baited a bit much, but don't worry about getting triggered been here too long to let any of you really get to me :P
  6. This. You'd be better of just making a new map and calling it VoS.
  7. Yeah sorry dude, we thought it was because of complaint mentioned above. Close and move pl0x
  8. This. It's not clearly stated what's considered griefing/glitching. @Shrek also pointed this out in the shoutbox. Seems that this guy is banned for trolling instead of what's mentioned, but since when is trolling bannable? Could an admin (@MrOtto) clear this up?
  9. As I and Hagaron have stated: shitposting is a part of any forum, wheter you like it or not. I do agree with you that if it gets out of hand, it's a problem. But you fail to give an example of when I crossed a serious line. And I have no problem with handeling criticism. You deliver criticism, I deliver arguments on why I think that criticism doesn't apply and then it's your turn again. Bet when I deliver arguments I'm getting a sort of "no u" reply. What do you expect from me to do with that?
  10. So care to explain? I don't know about you but an opinion that isn't backed up by any arguments, isn't really worth much is it?
  11. You per chance a Godwin? You fit the term. But I don't know what you're on about. This is a forum. Shitposting is as much a part of that as the rest in my opinion, as long as it's just banter. And I don't think I've crossed any lines. So apart from that, is there another reason for the devouch?
  12. I do shitpost yes but I've also posted things as bugs, suggestions and overall giving my opinion if asked. So I do concern myself with the wellbeing of the community. You not noticing me on the server is not something I can control :P Edit: Could you also explain why you don't think I would be capable? Since you said you don't really know me I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, on here or TS. This counts for everyone by the way.
  13. Well in that case, xd