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  1. "However when it comes to refunds we only refund the actual value of what is lost and not future profits." as said by Henricus here: And as there was nothing illegal about the halt I will not "refund" you your 16K. I will refund you the 6 or 7 nugs you had and nothing more and I am only paying this because of an unfortunate lack of evidence.
  2. Attitude as in making a light-hearted joke and asking a question?
  3. I disagree with you entirely. In ye olden days, lonesome serfs would've been targets as well as in PK. If you want protection, you join a clan or the plebfaction. Also, as Tommy said, this isn't Farming Simulator 1206. Serfing is a way to make money for individual players and to provide recources for factions, so don't expect it to be easy.
  4. It was not. Your intentions also don't matter. I'll refund what you lost at that moment and nothing more.
  5. Right thanks. However this is not to be viewed as a confession. I am only complying with your decision.
  6. Right, so Sunday has passed and as said in the template, you guys should've reviewed it by now. Have you come to a decision @William?
  7. He had 6. If you would enforce the refund I would need a day (tomorrow) to collect it. PS: Would be nice if you could suggest low-end recording software since this is the second time my screenshots are deemed irrelevant.
  8. If Naesha was in the same in-game faction as the Lancaster involved, he can join the fight as well.
  9. Admin said that Cedrick stood too far away to be glitched, but I wasn't as seen in the screenshot. Do you deny this?
  10. I stand close enough as shown on the screenshot.
  11. Well I have my story backed up by screenshots and witnesses. Can't do any more than that. But since he's accusing me it would be nice if he could provide evidence since the logs don't really show anything.
  12. He made a reference to uncle adolf, so I asked if he was a Godwin as a joke, because he fits the original term.
  13. Jesus Christ you're slow. Yes. It's a pun.