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  1. My PW GUID is: 3444939
  2. Hi, Your in-game name when you were banned: Brain_the_Brainless Your GUID: 1632911 (Warband ID) Why you think you were banned: RDM Why you should be unbanned: When I came on the Server I saw many Outlaws killing Players (including me) without saying something. Sometime later, I joined the Outlaws, and tried to rp rob some players, it didn't workout. So I thought that you didn't need to RP-Robb players. I don't remember it that well, because it was 1 1/2 Years ago, I tried to get unbanned back then, but got no answer. Any other information that might be useful: I haven't been banned from any Server before and I haven't been since. I am also an officer in an NW regiment which is why I'd say that I'm trust worthy enough to give me a second chance. And again it was one and a half years ago. I hope you unbann me so I can play with the CTA clan.