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  1. add the oven for tomorrow
  2. what about the oven and the chest?
  3. ye, courtyard's stairs ty amue for remmember it
  4. Sup dekkers, we need an oven in Hollow Bastion Hold, we need to go to merc camp for make fucking meatpies. Also, check the chest in the throne room, one can be opened without keys (HBH aswell) Thank you.
  5. My opinion is, he did a lie because he took a weapons on the ground, but, in this situation doesn't matter if he had a mace or if he was without weapons, it's still rdm. Second thing, he didn't attack lothar while he was breaking the chest because it's nrr and he wrote us in factions chat to get the throne for kill him because we had a valid killreason, so, again what's the problem here? He just was telling us to kill him, I don't see any inconvenience here. I think that the ban is unneccessary in this case
  6. Says the braindead
  7. @Pharis
  8. Im going to download medieval tw 2 with the lotr's mod for kill your brothers, just for satisfy myself
  9. Hope you get a promotion for going so far in that ass btw... must've been hard for you What the fuck is wrong in your brain? Siktir git you too@Evilmay
  10. @Orc stfu fucking glue sniffer and move your overweight ass of this post
  11. This is... amazing, just.. i have no words. Please don't include whole spanish people here, we have a reputation
  12. stfu termito, we need more clans in pw so welcome @mrganii
  13. are you back?