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  1. Agree with this. Good plan.
  2. Never happening, its been refused before.
  3. Now make it more expensive. Thanks. Edit: And give them a little crown on their head!
  4. I don't think we could every make it worse.
  5. You are wrong, you become a peasant. I suggested this to William. I think this would be nice, especially with the introduction of marshals to manage keys. I think it should be more expensive, it should be fixed to revert to your old class if you are outvoted, regardless if you die or not. I think as long as it doesn't keep after getting out polled then it wont get abused and maybe people will start using it.
  6. Move it then. It's hardly an issue talking about it though. Restrictions still aren't enough. Chests are in the game for a reason. If the chests are more of a risk than wearing it then you should wear it. Or even better sell it, you don't lose that much gold. Your argument about plebs doesn't make sense, you think they would rather sign up for a website, log on and store gear just to save it. Storing gear outside of the game has a negative effect on the economy. People just horde plate until a war then log off equip it and log back in. If it were up to me I'd also remove the shop and just get better mappers.
  7. We had it before where you could put stuff on the forums. It was shit, people used to kill you take your gear then store it on the forums and sell it to someone at a later date. People are greedy and will always take advantage of a system like this. Edit: What's wrong with the ingame chests?
  8. What good does messaging privately do for everyone else? It's a public forum where discussion should be incouraged. These rules are not enforced at all. It's rather unfair to enforce it on one person and no one else.
  9. Bit silly to punish people for asking questions. Discussion is good for complaints. Edit: Ignore me I'm a glue sniffer and can't read.
  10. So we will all keep our bank limits then?
  11. What do you mean. Is there not going to be a bank limit?
  12. Should have donated.
  13. :)
  14. I think the Idea is to add it to the C menu, so users can disable/enable it.
  15. Might be wanting to show yer mate how much you have.