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  1. I have unconfirmed sources telling me this is on the way. Sush, don't tell anyone.
  2. Yes there is. I am not saying my solution is the best, however we should be able to tell if a chest has been lockpicked. Currently there is no indication, in terms of user interface that is poor and should be corrected.
  3. You already can lock it again. Don't you simply tap F on it if you have keys? If you hold F however, it accesses it but doesn't lock it.
  4. Im not talking about the process of lockpicking. I am just saying if someone from the owing faction accesses the chest it should lock again.
  5. They have done it. Here
  6. Thinking more about it, it should lock when someone with keys accesses it. In real life this would happen.because its only unlocked, not broken. Surely the person would lock it when they were done... Another thing is it would tell you when you don't have keys, and not allow you to interact with something if you don't have permissions for it. I mean this brings up the question of what to do when someone doesn't have keys but has a lockpick. It might make things complicated tbh, but I hate trying to open doors only to realize after the 10 seconds that I don't have keys.
  7. Pls not the wooden bridge between praven and nord. That shitty bridge makes crossing sooooo slow. And its a really long bridge :( Rest of it looks cool tho!
  8. Cool. Cheers. Excited to see what you're doing.
  9. Are you saying, if we wish to play on Phoenix - we must use the launcher?
  10. Just a quick question, surely I can launch the module without the launcher?
  11. Can we get some way of telling if a chest has been lockpicked. Its annoying that you don't know just by looking at it.
  12. Cool, the rest look really nice tho!
  13. SHEET
  15. Can you not adjust the brightness of the light source? Its not that the sky is too dark, its that the light source it too bright.