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  1. Needs to fix his hairline, but a sound guy vouch
  2. Pretty sure there was a skirmish beforehand between Lancasters and CI faction members, hence why I killed you. If this is incorrect I will gladly refund you the 25k for your troubles
  3. yh especially this 'shrek' kid smh
  4. Third worlder but it's still a vouch from me
  5. Has banned me multiple times on the NW gf server for being against blacks vouchhhhh
  6. Yh VOUCH for this guyyyyyyyyy
  7. Voucherino
  8. /vaucheeee
  9. Yes let the 12 year olds speak!!!!!
  10. What? Nyman speaks and understands English better than most people in this community
  11. Big vouch for this lad