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  1. I honestly don't understand people like you, you're literally driving pubs from playing in facs like HRE by looting gear which didnt belong to you.
  2. Mons is capable, experienced and has hit puberty unlike SOME PEOPLE. A big /Vouch from my part
  3. This one? good to see the 59th were still the alphas in those days
  4. Needs to fix his hairline, but a sound guy vouch
  5. Pretty sure there was a skirmish beforehand between Lancasters and CI faction members, hence why I killed you. If this is incorrect I will gladly refund you the 25k for your troubles
  6. yh especially this 'shrek' kid smh
  7. Third worlder but it's still a vouch from me
  8. Has banned me multiple times on the NW gf server for being against blacks vouchhhhh
  9. Yh VOUCH for this guyyyyyyyyy
  10. Voucherino
  11. /vaucheeee
  12. Yes let the 12 year olds speak!!!!!
  13. What? Nyman speaks and understands English better than most people in this community
  14. Big vouch for this lad