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  1. this one above you
  2. The banner for House Beaufort
  4. im a male first of all<3333 and there were a group of commoners that randomed me and the other dude in my faction and breaking NRR afterwards. I assumed you were with them since u stood in the group with them, aswell you were pointing your weapon after me.. So i wasn't too sure what to do. Sir.
  5. ye but its not oursxd
  6. Brandenburg banner
  7. yeah, this looks perfect for my valhalla rising squad<3 maybe redo the upper line thingy and make it as thicc as the other one under? idunno
  8. Clan Name: Valhalla Rising Banner Description&Details: put the skull in the shield please, the star MUST be over the horns. Tyvm dekkis Banner Image (Optional):
  9. hmm gj, proud of you dekkis
  10. oh my wish has come true, can you make the map smaller?? would be alot more action filled and fun<3
  11. fps reduced maps pls
  12. Make it easier to pick up weapons from the armory when they're tight to eachother, I sometimes buy 20 items I don't want. Maybe im retarded
  13. SHK

  14. I need more reputation Great idea mister avenger, keep up the good work pal :)