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  1. No need for that. I'm sure the admins can see through this blatant banmongering and hopefully reach a rational verdict. Thanks for the offer nevertheless.
  2. I am willing to raise the refund to 4k. Feel free to take it out of my bank should he accept.
  3. I told you in-game I am more than willing to offer a refund of 2k gold (which should cover your lost gear). Demanding 100k considering your gear is just absurd considering it was a honest mistake since I didn't realise the guy you killed was a Commoner. Sad to see such banmongering.
  4. I think that was called Andalos Hills, it was fine tbh.
  5. Known him since 2015, is trolly at times but when needed he can be very serious and mature. Big /vouch
  6. So if clan members convince their fellow clan members to be witnesses won't it be bad?
  7. The current training is fine tbh. Adding custom classes can produce a lot of risks, f.e. what could stop a doctor from having max healing and agility, making him a very hard and op target, or an archer in that case? Adding custom classes will be very much more complicated and will cause a lot of problems in the balance of classes imo.
  8. Around one month ago.
  9. Posting on behalf of Shrek again: Magicman,if you took time to actually look at the report you'd notice that my name was never mentioned. If Scorpia is bringing me into a report that originally wasn't titled with my name then he needs to at least tag me so I can see it. And IIRC the common practice is to give me 24 hours to defend myself.
  10. Shrek is trying to explain that his name wasn't even in the complaint, so how could he know that he was being reported? When Scorpia showed the logs and accused Shrek for harassment, he didn't leave it open for 24 hours so Shrek could explain his story and instead he proceeded to punish Shrek (Again, his name wasn't mentioned until the punishment was put in place), so what you say Magicman isn't right here.
  11. Posting on behalf of Shrek: This is the report I was banned for: pw-phoenix.com/forum/index.php…ss-rdm-nrr/#comment-31573 Notice how my name was never mentioned. Not in the title,not in the diiscussion. Scorpia never gave me the notice that I was reported and he never gave me any time to tell my part of the story. Now,lets move onto the juicy stuff. You claim that the "Open the gate " demand is illegal. He was the lord of the faction and he was seen to have keys prior to this. You also say that "he spawns in the shop,he works in the shop and stays in the shop" which is wrong. Hee spawns quite a way away from the shop (20 seconds walk I'd say) so its not like we spawnkilled him (you make it sound like we did). He willingly returned to his death place and continued to annoy us by his presence. Now picture this situation: I go to,lets say,the Lorraine castle and they halt me and kill me I then return to their castle and the process repeats itself Following that,I return to their castle for the third time and I'm told to leave which I disobey and get killed for it. Is that harassment towards me? No it sure isn't. This situation wasnt any different. He doesnt spawn in the shop,he spawns away from it but he willingly returned and I don't see how that is harassment. So lets re-cap: - My name wasn't mentioned in the report title and Scorpia failed to warn me about the report and give me time to defend myself - All my demands were legal and they resulted in me gaining killreasons which made all my kills COMPLETELY LEGAL (Scorpia said it himself in the report. Quote: "If you punched a player you can be killed and you can tell players to leave their own castle.") - The person willingly returned to the scene while he could have simply waited untill we leave instead of bothering us - We never targeted this player as we did indeed halt anyone else already inside or entering the shop - The only "proof" Scorpia has are the logs which very clearly say that all my kills were legal and yet he managed to fish out a reason to ban me for "harassment" which is not mentioned in the ruleset AT ALL. And to further prove that I never commited this "harassment" which im being acussed of,I made a litle timeline from the logs Scorpia provided: 17:33:47 - Ftm_Lester_Lannister attacked Anmi dealing 49 damage -My first contact with the person,I made no demands or anything. I was simply helping a faction member (HermeS) who attacked him earlier 17:40:59 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Lester_Lannister] anmi leave -My second contact with the person. I give him my FIRST demand,to leave the shop (This is exactly 7 minutes and 12 seconds after my initial contact) 17:43:10 - [Scoiatael]HermesS <img=ico_blunt> Anmi -Hermes killing Anmi for not complying to my demand Now lets take a look at the events presented on the timeline: 1st of: I only killed Anmi once (helping a faction member) Secondly: I only gave him ONE demand which was to "leave the shop" and I never acctually killed him for it,Hermes did. So,I was banned for "harassment" after giving ONE demand and killing a person ONCE? Thats all I had to say about this,cheers. -Shrek
  12. Put some ladder points and some more extra entrances and it will be fine.
  13. rude
  14. /Neutral towards Vouch You can be edgy a bit, but overall nice application and have seen you quite a lot in game. P.S. I had the name Cregan quite a while ago so, nice name change selection.