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  1. I asked them to bank all the money before selling. They showed me pouch before to be sure so they could sell the horses to get the restocking quicker. At the end they needed to drop evrything and show me pouch again.
  2. No thanks fuck that map but could work
  3. Get ftm/archer/xbow training for commoners on evry map and allow commoners and outlaws to rob armour as a start??
  4. Alot of people in this community started playing PW since Oasis so they never really had the fun we had. Make robbing armour allowed (maybe remove chest on evry map so evryone is forced to keep their tin on them or put the tin in carts but is to much work so dont). Get outlaws/commoners to be able to train FTMn and archer class for commoners pls and make it legal that you can get a wounded horse put it next to a ruin you hide in ruin. When someone mounts the horse kill him yes pls good old fun times. If clans are going to do the shit that anabolika said then its just done with PW.
  5. You noob you dont need to hold f for 2 min. Use the chat trick
  7. Dieses Forum ist Niederlandisch, JA!! Wennst du nicht Niederlandsich reden kannst ist das einfach scheiße JA, mein Deutsch ist schlecht
  8. I like it how one sarranid guy is in the middle of all the romans. Nice texture pack though. totally not me
  9. admin powers
  10. person with shit on his stick
  11. Increase this part pls: Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words):
  12. 2. I was the one speaking to aybak about hansE´s ban on ts and azor responded to it by saying hansE´s to the one asking who me and aybak spoke about. So first he is banned on ts and then he plays other games with lorraines on ts E: ofc he has been on the ts as he plays different games with us but not been on pw.
  13. I love these classic 1 forum post Devouch. If you have 1000 posts on forums BEST ADMIN EVAAAH. If you have 500 decent, below 500 you are facking shit admin. Let's say the best, most active, mature and nice admin PW ever had will return after a long break and his first post on the forum is an admin application after playing for sometime on the server. Nah we won't accept cause he has 1 forum post so he is shit. DEVOUCH , like wtf. Alright if he just joined the community and makes an application and didn't even play in-game then I understand.
  14. Even though I had to complain about people giving the main argument ("Give him a chance and then if he does something wrong just remove him") to accept someone to the staff team and other weird devouch/vouch arguments for example the classic "he only has 2 forum posts devouch" As far as I have witnesed you are a nice guy in-game. The loophole thing isnt 100% clear to me. But the ban history is the biggest problem for me. The permban-until appeal like 20 days ago is to much for me. Thats why its a devouch for this time.
  15. Since when are people that have 4 bans and try to teach new players to loophole the rules even discussed by this community. Normally 1 clog would already give you a very small chance to become admin. Now a days its like "who cares that he did something wrong or got banned 50 times for mass rdming, just give him a chance and if he does something wrong remove his rights. Its not that simple lol. If you would check an admins ban history you should see 0 bans. Who is going to take the staff team serious if evryone is able to join it because if he does something wrong he just gets removed just give him a try. Just wait before you got the person that starts to mass perm ban everyone on the server. But what does it matter he just gets removed. Btw nothing against Krein but I think the ban history is to long.