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  1. If you are going to report someone get your facts straight. Crusher died by a lorraine and after he spawned in the spawnzone he just logged out and this isn't combatlogging.
  2. Increase this part pls: Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words):
  3. 2. I was the one speaking to aybak about hansE´s ban on ts and azor responded to it by saying hansE´s to the one asking who me and aybak spoke about. So first he is banned on ts and then he plays other games with lorraines on ts E: ofc he has been on the ts as he plays different games with us but not been on pw.
  4. I love these classic 1 forum post Devouch. If you have 1000 posts on forums BEST ADMIN EVAAAH. If you have 500 decent, below 500 you are facking shit admin. Let's say the best, most active, mature and nice admin PW ever had will return after a long break and his first post on the forum is an admin application after playing for sometime on the server. Nah we won't accept cause he has 1 forum post so he is shit. DEVOUCH , like wtf. Alright if he just joined the community and makes an application and didn't even play in-game then I understand.
  5. Even though I had to complain about people giving the main argument ("Give him a chance and then if he does something wrong just remove him") to accept someone to the staff team and other weird devouch/vouch arguments for example the classic "he only has 2 forum posts devouch" As far as I have witnesed you are a nice guy in-game. The loophole thing isnt 100% clear to me. But the ban history is the biggest problem for me. The permban-until appeal like 20 days ago is to much for me. Thats why its a devouch for this time.
  6. Since when are people that have 4 bans and try to teach new players to loophole the rules even discussed by this community. Normally 1 clog would already give you a very small chance to become admin. Now a days its like "who cares that he did something wrong or got banned 50 times for mass rdming, just give him a chance and if he does something wrong remove his rights. Its not that simple lol. If you would check an admins ban history you should see 0 bans. Who is going to take the staff team serious if evryone is able to join it because if he does something wrong he just gets removed just give him a try. Just wait before you got the person that starts to mass perm ban everyone on the server. But what does it matter he just gets removed. Btw nothing against Krein but I think the ban history is to long.
  7. That admin was wrong Invalid, you can break chests and money chest etc. But the rule is made so that clans don't start breaking empty castles in the morning or that people when they want to enter a castle not destroy evry door when they only need 1 door to enter in most cases. Also cause clans these days dump their tincan in there otherwise they lose it. Why did I type so much shit when it's just not needed. AGAIN
  8. Where did this fight with the SS actually happen. Where they sieging you or where you sieging/attacking them?
  9. 21:09:36 - Aaron_Mendiz took Gold Bar(ID: 376) from an inventory. 21:09:36 - Aaron_Mendiz took Gold Bar(ID: 376) from an inventory. 21:09:38 - Aaron_Mendiz took Gold Bar(ID: 376) from an inventory. 21:09:38 - Ftm_Prawn_Lannister attacked Aaron_Mendiz dealing 7 damage 21:09:39 - Aaron_Mendiz took Gold Bar(ID: 376) from an inventory. 21:09:42 - Player Aaron_Mendiz (GUID: 2150446) has left the server. 21:09:42 - <img=ico_headshot> Aaron_Mendiz He has been banned for 3 days. You will be refunded with 4 gold bars
  10. This is probarly just your own fault cause you logged out while you are a commoner and then you lose your class We don't refund such things
  11. 15:46:23 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Justice_Legendary dealing 26 damage 15:46:33 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Horse (Ftm_Arhaikos_Stark) dealing 74 damage 15:46:37 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Justice_Legendary dealing 51 damage 15:46:37 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine <img=ico_spear> Justice_Legendary 15:46:37 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 15:46:39 - Bannerman_Torrhen_Stark attacked Horse (Ftm_Issa_Lorraine) dealing 25 damage 15:46:39 - Bannerman_Torrhen_Stark attacked Ftm_Issa_Lorraine dealing 16 damage 15:46:41 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Horse (Ftm_Arhaikos_Stark) dealing 30 damage 15:46:47 - Anabolika attacked Horse (Ftm_Issa_Lorraine) dealing 139 damage 15:46:48 - Bannerman_Torrhen_Stark attacked Ftm_Issa_Lorraine dealing 26 damage 15:46:51 - Horse (Anabolika) attacked Ftm_Issa_Lorraine dealing 0 damage 15:47:02 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Horse (Anabolika) dealing 81 damage 15:47:03 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Anabolika dealing 3 damage 15:47:04 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Anabolika dealing 70 damage 15:47:04 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine <img=ico_swordtwo> Anabolika 15:47:04 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 15:47:05 - Levy_BruXseleS_Stark attacked Ftm_Issa_Lorraine dealing 25 damage 15:47:11 - Levy_BruXseleS_Stark attacked Ftm_Issa_Lorraine dealing 10 damage 15:47:11 - Levy_BruXseleS_Stark <img=ico_axetwo> Ftm_Issa_Lorraine 15:47:52 - VetArcher_Masakres_Mormont attacked Levy_Eidu_Mormont dealing 0 damage 15:47:52 - Levy_Eidu_Mormont attacked VetArcher_Masakres_Mormont dealing 2 damage 15:47:54 - [KoL]Geblo attacked Ftm_Issa_Lorraine dealing 19 damage 15:47:56 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Issa_Lorraine] Bane 15:48:00 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Issa_Lorraine] Can I have that mace? 15:48:00 - [KoL]Geblo attacked Ftm_Issa_Lorraine dealing 1 damage 15:48:03 - Levy_Eidu_Mormont attacked VetArcher_Masakres_Mormont dealing 70 damage 15:48:03 - Levy_Eidu_Mormont <img=ico_blunt> VetArcher_Masakres_Mormont 15:48:03 - Levy_Eidu_Mormont killed a member of the same faction! 15:48:04 - [KoL]Geblo attacked Ftm_Issa_Lorraine dealing 20 damage 15:48:06 - [KoL]Geblo attacked Ftm_Issa_Lorraine dealing 20 damage 15:48:15 - Horse (Levy_JoKeR_Stark) attacked Levy_Eidu_Mormont dealing 0 damage 15:48:17 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine picked up Heavy Heater Shield(ID: 331) from the ground. 15:48:21 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine picked up Military Pick(ID: 235) from the ground. 15:48:26 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine picked up Heavy Lance(ID: 288) from the ground. 15:48:41 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine mounted a Saddle Horse 15:49:03 - PidorKnight_Koctyz_Lorraine attacked Levy_Eidu_Mormont dealing 26 damage 15:49:21 - PidorKnight_Koctyz_Lorraine attacked Levy_Eidu_Mormont dealing 27 damage 15:49:21 - PidorKnight_Koctyz_Lorraine <img=ico_crossbow> Levy_Eidu_Mormont 15:49:21 - Levy_Eidu_Mormont looted a corpse. 15:50:03 - Rider_Lishman_Mormont attacked Levy_Eidu_Mormont dealing 35 damage 15:50:20 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Levy_Eidu_Mormont dealing 64 damage 15:50:20 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine <img=ico_spear> Levy_Eidu_Mormont 15:50:20 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 15:50:25 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Ugly_Woman dealing 11 damage 15:50:26 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Ugly_Woman dealing 17 damage 15:50:28 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked Ugly_Woman dealing 22 damage 15:50:28 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine <img=ico_spear> Ugly_Woman 15:50:28 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 15:50:46 - Horse (Ftm_Issa_Lorraine) attacked Squire_Hopeman_Lorraine dealing 0 damage 15:50:51 - Horse (Ftm_Issa_Lorraine) attacked King_Guifre_Mormont dealing 4 damage 15:50:51 - Ftm_Issa_Lorraine attacked King_Guifre_Mormont dealing 34 damage 15:50:52 - Horse (Ftm_Issa_Lorraine) attacked King_Guifre_Mormont dealing 0 damage 15:50:56 - Horse (Ftm_Issa_Lorraine) attacked Justice_Legendary dealing 3 damage 15:51:00 - King_Guifre_Mormont attacked Ftm_Issa_Lorraine dealing 106 damage 15:51:00 - King_Guifre_Mormont <img=ico_spear> Ftm_Issa_Lorraine 15:51:22 - Levy_Eidu_Mormont picked up Spiked Mace(ID: 228) from the ground. 15:51:31 - Levy_Eidu_Mormont picked up Military Pick(ID: 235) from the ground. 15:51:31 - Levy_Eidu_Mormont picked up Heavy Heater Shield(ID: 331) from the ground. 15:51:34 - Gio attacked Levy_Eidu_Mormont dealing 61 damage 15:51:34 - Gio <img=ico_spear> Levy_Eidu_Mormont As you can see in the logs there was a skirmish going on, just like your screenshot shows. You walk trough a skirmish at your own risk in getting killed and especially when your own fiction is involved in the skirm and people keep coming back to fight again. Invalid
  12. 22:44:14 - *LOCAL* [Vhasj] killer come here 22:44:27 - *LOCAL* [Vhasj] killer 22:44:29 - *LOCAL* [Vhasj] wait 22:44:34 - *LOCAL* [Vhasj] stand here 22:44:39 - *LOCAL* [Vhasj] do not sell 22:44:48 - *LOCAL* [Vhasj] drop te cart now 22:45:10 - Vhasj attacked Ftm_KiLLeR_Glover dealing 42 damage 22:45:13 - Player Ftm_KiLLeR_Glover (GUID: 1398496) has left the server. 22:45:13 - <img=ico_headshot> Ftm_KiLLeR_Glover He has been banned for 3 days for clog Vhasj has been refunded with a silver bars(around 100k)
  13. 20:08:45 - Livvakt_Farandir_Waraeger attacked Horse (Levy_Impossible_York) dealing 35 damage 20:08:45 - Livvakt_Farandir_Waraeger attacked Levy_Impossible_York dealing 21 damage 20:08:45 - Player Levy_Impossible_York (GUID: ) has left the server. 20:08:45 - <img=ico_headshot> Levy_Impossible_York He has been banned for 3 days