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  1. Also can anyone explain this meme to me of "THE ACCOUNT HAD NEVER LOGGED ONTO THE SERVER EVER xDD THAT MEANS YOU ARE MULTI ACCOUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".
  2. Halting: When halting you need to say the name, eg. "Halt Jim". If you just say "Halt" it is invalid. You must either halt every single member in a group, or you can halt by faction name e.g "Rhodoks halt!". Can anyone confirm that they indeed said their name? I was on the server than and I'm 100% sure that they never said his name. Our other two friends who were on say they dont remember either, can an admin please confirm this? If they didn't say his name then he didn't in fact combat log since it was an illegal halt. For further context on this halt, they logged in after the war had ended and we were leaving the faction to do something else, ran into the training room and then screeched "HALT" and immediately started to swing and hit people. Immediately after trying to do it to Rando they did it to another player named Noodles despite the fact that they did literally nothing in the war and just came on to try and vulture peoples gear.
  3. Your in-game name when you were banned: WASNT EVEN ONLINE Your GUID (not required): LOL IDK Why you think you were banned: NO CLUE Why you should be unbanned: I DINDU NUFFIN Any other information that might be useful: just got banned for no fuckin reason what up with that????? I was Jiggaboo_Jones