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  1. Your in-game name when you were banned: Ftm_No_One_Baratheon Your GUID (not required): - Why you think you were banned: I was banned due to RDM' ing Why you should be unbanned: It was my first ever Issue In EU Phoenix and I've been banned for aprox. 8 months Which makes a long time to rethink My mistake Any other information that might be useful: -
  2. Ftm_No_One_Baratheon I was banned since I have been RDM ing in the main city. I was banned for liksome 6-10 Months ago, I believe I have understood my mistake so far and I really want to play with my other friends in Eu_Phoenix
  3. My guid ID is 2408662 I have been banned from the PW Phoenix for around 6 months and I don't even remember why I was banned. I didn't know that ı needed to make a ban appeal so here I am. I believe 6 months is an apropriate time for a guy to rethink his mistake.